ETS2 Nissan GTR R35 V2 by KadirYagiz 1.36

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ETS2 Nissan Gtr 2017 update [1.36]
Yenilenmiş kaplamalar.
Birden fazla add-on parça.
Yeni boya paketleri.
Refurbished coatings.
Multiple add-on tracks.
New paint packs.

Game Versions: 1.36.x and over
Author: Kadir Yagiz

Kadir Yağız


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15 thoughts on “ETS2 Nissan GTR R35 V2 by KadirYagiz 1.36

  1. jayontheway228

    Предлагаю ознакомится с обзором мода
    Если понравилось — подпишись )

  2. Why they do these cars in this game? This used to be truck simulator not need for speed.

    1. Doesn’t it matter to you? Don’t download …

      1. Never even planning to.

    2. Shut up!

      If you don’t like em, don’t d/l em.

      Other people will like em.

      1. Juksu is right.
        The last time there is too much of this.

        You should accept critical Comments without blaming. ?

  3. Useless in this game. What do you do? there’s no race, nothing exciting to do with a car in ETS2. Waste of time really.

    1. Your an #####!

  4. Great mod fairplay very good when you just want to cruise and listen to the radio 🙂 good work! 10/10

  5. JGamingHD

    Hd video 1.36…

  6. I really wish the automatic transmission worked on this car as well as turning signals. Otherwise i love this. Cant use this mod since i have been using automatic transmission all the time.

  7. WorldMods

    video HD

  8. Otomatik viteste Sıkıntı var onun dışında kaplamalar ve diğer şeyler güzel

  9. Arthur Dion

    I really like the mod of this beautiful car. But unfortunately I cannot play with this mod since we lose control of the driving out of the blue. I was driving 90km/h and the car lost control out of the blue. It also happened many times. So please, fix this problem this beautiful mod has of losing control of the car and re-upload it here again. Thanks for your work.

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