Steering-Brake-Cabin 1.3 by Momo

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** Since v 1.2 this mod has changed the name from “Momo’s Steering” to “Steering-Brake-Cabin Fix”. Because it has extended to fix the brake and cabin problems as well. **
Why do you need this mod?

1. Steering:

Real Life Steering (According to Scania R 2012 manufacturing data sheet (pictures above)

– 4.9 turns lock-to-lock (1764 degrees)
– 12.8 meters Turning Circle (Space needed to drive in a complete circle).
– Steering Ratio 46:1 (You need to turn the steering 46 degrees for the wheel to turn 1 degree).

In-Game Vanilla Steering

– 2.5 turns lock-to-lock (900 degrees)
– 8.5 meters Turning Circle
– Steering Ratio 23:1 (You need to turn the steering 23 degrees for the wheel to turn 1 degree).

With This Mod

– Steering Ratio 36:1 (Brings you closer to a real life truck).

2. Braking:

Real life Braking

When you just touch of tap lightly on the brake, the speed is reduced slowly not abruptly. And if you drive a heavy truck, you know it takes time and space to completely stop it.

In-Game Braking

The truck stops abruptly no matter how fast you drive as if physics is not there at all.

With This Mod

The brake now behaves closer to its real life counterpart.

3. Cabin:

In-Game Cabin

It swings side-to-side too sensitively, even a slight turn on the steering wheel can send the cabin swinging.

With This Mod

The cabin is now more stable on the side-to-side movement, but does not affect the forward tilting.



You need to test-drive and re-adjust the sensitivity and non-linearity bar to find your “sweet spot”.
But the recommended setting is 100% sensitivity and 100% non-linearity. It will be like in the video.
Brake Intensity 30 – 50%



1. Compatible with 1.36, 1.35
2. Compatible with all trucks both SCS and modded.
3. Must be placed higher than any truck mods and any mods that use the physics file.
4. NOT compatible with any other physics mods.
5. Compatible with my Air Ride mods.



It will take a little while for you to get used to the new feeling of the steering especially if you have not driven a car in real life before. But if you drive a car in real life regularly, you should be familiar with it immediately because it’s very close to a real life car. Your truck will need a little wider space to make a circle/U-Turn. But you will love the realism of it after you have got used to it.

There is more happiness in giving than in receiving. This mod is shared because I want to share the happiness with you. Tips are not expected, but if you would like to express appreciation, please feel free to donate, no amount is too small, even one card will be greatly appreciated.

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