Ets2 Oslo Additional Way Mod

English: This mod adds an additional road to the city of Oslo of Ets2 game. The mod is completely owned by Gangster53 YT. If you have problems with the mod, you can send it by e-mail to [email protected]. Have fun
Turkish: Bu mod Ets2 oyununun Oslo şehrine ek bir yol ekler. Mod tamamen Gangster53 YT’ aittir. Mod ile ilgili sıkıntı yaşar iseniz [email protected] adresine e-posta ile gönderebilirsiniz. İyi eğlenceler.

English: Don’t forget to visit my YouTube channel.

Turkish: YouTube kanalımı ziyaret etmeyi unutmayın.

Gangster53 YT / YouTube Channel


2 thoughts on “Ets2 Oslo Additional Way Mod

  1. Pol Andreu

    Very nice mod design 10/10 plus image seems like a ##### so big respect ma g

    1. Gangster53YT

      Thank you so much. Thank you for playing my mod. Have a nice day.❤️

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