[ETS2] Realistic Light Effect V2.4.4 [1.47.x]

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This modification makes the truck lights more realistic and brighter.

Changelog V2.4.4:

– Added compatibility for MAN TGX 2020
– Added compatibility for Scania T by RJL

Patch compatibility: 1.47.x; Older versions;

Connection order: This mod should be above any graphic mod!

Mod compatibility: This mod work with all SCS default trucks!


Visual changes:

– Realistic light behaviour
– Realistic sign reflection effects
– Realistic LED effect
– Realistic Xenon effect
– Realistic Halogen effect
– Realistic low beam
– Realistic high beam

Direct comparison: https://imgur.com/F4prHL9.gif

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TheTiger, SCS Software


4 thoughts on “[ETS2] Realistic Light Effect V2.4.4 [1.47.x]

  1. squirell

    Can you make the ai headlights range higher? id love them to light up other ai vehicles at night

    1. TheTiger

      I can but it has a cost. When an AI vehicle will be behind you, their light will go through your cabin. Since SCS doesn’t cast any shadow for traffic lights, it’s not a good idea to do that yet.

      1. squirell

        Can you upload that for me to try please? id love to see the ai drive by me on dark roads and light up the rear of other trucks and vehicles.

  2. thank you for man 2020

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