ETS2 Realistic Lights By Alexandermc

This mod improve lights of the game
– Reworked flares.
– headlights of vehicles.
– Increase visibility of the rear brake lights



5 Responses to ETS2 Realistic Lights By Alexandermc

  1. zui says:


  2. JoachimK says:

    Yes, stolen Mod and just changes the Manifest to his Name of this Thief !
    =package_version: “1.0”
    display_name: “ETS2 Realistic Lights By Alexandermc”
    author: “alexandermc”=

    Don´t support this and other Thiefs, which will destroying the Community !!!

  3. Koldaka says:

    Thanks Zum, Joachim. I try not to download stolen or fake MODs and who should sanction these things are the administrators of ETS2 Mods LT.

  4. Melafdifi says:

    stolen Mod

  5. Ralf Schneider says:

    Brauche das Passwort

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