ETS2 Realistic Lights By Alexandermc

This mod improve lights of the game
– Reworked flares.
– headlights of vehicles.
– Increase visibility of the rear brake lights



5 thoughts on “ETS2 Realistic Lights By Alexandermc

  1. Stolen!

  2. Yes, stolen Mod and just changes the Manifest to his Name of this Thief !
    =package_version: “1.0”
    display_name: “ETS2 Realistic Lights By Alexandermc”
    author: “alexandermc”=

    Don´t support this and other Thiefs, which will destroying the Community !!!

  3. Thanks Zum, Joachim. I try not to download stolen or fake MODs and who should sanction these things are the administrators of ETS2 Mods LT.

  4. Melafdifi

    stolen Mod

  5. Ralf Schneider

    Brauche das Passwort

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