ETS2 Renault Magnum Sound v2 By Nelson


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Ets 2 Renault Magnum sound v2 by Nelson

Update v2 changelog ;
Blinker volume
Turbo volume
change gear volume
Retarder sound
Engine and exhaust sound reworked
Reverse sound
start and brake engine sound
air brake sound
and more..

Mod tested on 1.22.x



11 Responses to ETS2 Renault Magnum Sound v2 By Nelson

  1. 1203 says:

    Good job!

  2. sheppardpat47 says:

    Its like a Cummins sound

  3. sanju says:

    There was no .scs file

  4. Rusya says:

    Renault link please

  5. sanju says:

    excellent job… keep doing

  6. sanju says:

    please make it available for v1.23 as well

  7. Doktor_Psix says:

    Ваще не похож!!!!!!

  8. VITEKRUS says:

    Звук крутой , пусть не похож , но ни кто ещё не сделал звук круче На Рено Магнум ! Этот звук мне больше всего понравился ! NELSON COOL !

  9. Tullyo Gratieri says:

    which is using inside

  10. Viktor says:

    Hi Nelson,

    I have noticed a few of the exhaust sounds have sound clipping problems, which are noticeable in the game and audio player (playing the ogg file), yet not appearing in the audacity playback.
    If you reduce the volume (for example “Amplify” in the Audacity with the value of -0,3dB), it is not longer audible in the game and the audio palyer.
    These files are:
    There can be more of them (I assume the ones with the high-volume are most likely to suffer from this issue), but I have not noticed it with any other.

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