EU Map 1.10.2


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– Aarhus (DK)
– Aalborg (DK)
– Odense (DK)
– Genova (I)
– Liepaja (LV)
– Ventspils (LV)
– Klaipeda (LT)
– Kaunas (LT)
– Oradea (RO)
– Satu Mare (RO)
– Maribor (SLO)
– Ljubljana (SLO)

Enjoy! Tested version: 1.16.x



13 thoughts on “EU Map 1.10.2

  1. Does this map work w/ Rusmap? or MHA?

    Would be great if it worked w/ Rusmap.

  2. Greetings to you Mike888!
    I am from Slovenia and I was pleasently suprised when I noticed your map add-on which included Maribor and Ljubljana city.
    However when I put the Slovenia file in my mod folder
    I get a bunch of warnings and errors.( Warnings about companies and old sign formats – and error about
    camera starting point in cities.)
    I would be very greateful if you could fix this few mistakes.And just for your knowledge – Maribor and Ljubljana are not so small,they are big cities.
    With best regards and wishes from
    Slovenia – Ljubljana zak4862

    1. Hello

      Im from Slovenia to Velenje yeah developer of this map must make Maribor and Ljubljana much bigger and yes some warnings and errors have this map so i hope developer fix it because map looking so good 😉

  3. works with rusmap and tsm ?

  4. works with rusmap and tsm ??

  5. Please answer in question.This map works with Pro Mods and Rus Map 1.4.7?

  6. Well, I tried this map with Rus map 1.4.7 and it worked.

    1. minä vain

      works this map with the rusmap 1.4.7 without going east DLC??

  7. guys it works with rusmap without problems try it


  9. This map wont work with TSM because of the fact that slovenia is included in TSM. Havent tried that cuz i’m using promods and i dont want to burn my computer 🙂

    1. Hello mr. Borsing i’ve tried this with tsm(thought just for a 1 km cargo)and it worked without problems and my pc didn’t burnt at all XD

  10. After this mod dont work internet radio in the game,eurotruckradio too,any radio dont work..”cant download plugin”.

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