EU Map v 1.2

EU-Map-v-1.2-1 EU-Map-v-1.2-2

Fixed some roads with ‘jagged edges’ on middle line on road:
– around Epinal (F)
– around Metz (F)
– around Strasbourg (F)
– around Bolzano (I)
– around Belluno (I)
– around Sillian (I)
– around Feldkirch (A)
– around Unken (A)
– around/in Salzburg (A)
– around/in Linz (A)
– around/in Wien(A)
– around/in Portsmouth (GB)
– around/in Maidstone (GB)
– around/in Croydon (GB)
– in London (GB)
– around IKEA place, London (GB)
– in Southampton (GB)
– around Toll gates in north France (on A16 Paris – Calais – Lille)
– around/in Amiens (F)
– around/in Rotherdam (NL)
– around/in Amsterdam (NL)
– around/in Chur (CH)

– Fixed enter in company on the hill in Epinal (F)
– New highway around Paris (second part on west side)-A86 -somewhere 70 km new road
– New France sign for highway (credit to Nishant Boro)
– New gas station in center of Amsterdam (NL)
– Improve gas station near Strasbourg (F)
– New small country gas station between Salzburg (A) and Unken (A)
– New company IKEA in Salzburg (A)
– New road in Salzburg (A) to IKEA
– New look on normal roads between Metz(F) and Frankfurt(D)
– New look in/around Luxembourg(L)
– New look on normal road Luxembourg(L)-Liege(B)
– New company in game – E.Leclerc – all Credits to Nishant Boro for Prefab
– New Toll gates positions in north France (on A16 Paris – Calais – Lille)

Author: MsHeavyAlex


21 thoughts on “EU Map v 1.2

  1. Does it Works with promods Skandinavien map?
    and do you have to start new profil ?

  2. come on guys tell us if this map work with promods skandinavien map and with our old profile because i dont wanna play from the begining… 😀

  3. This map doesn’t work with Promods and TSM !

  4. czy działa na 1.4.1

  5. Where i can find that gps from the picture for the Renault Magnum?

  6. EU map ?? are u not missing somthing making a EU map plx include ALL or alteels som towns in the missing.. im from denmark seems we are just land norway sweden yall can fill the rest im missing

  7. Cosmin_ro

    HI GUYS !

    1-The map isn’t compatible with others
    2 ” EU map” where you live man? in europe you have 27 countryes 😛 where is Spain ? southern Italy ? Northen, South, West of France ? Ireland ? Romania ? and alll of others Eastern Europe countryes ??? Northen Europe WHERE ???

    1. Cosmine lasa si u un id ceva de contact 😉

      1. Cosmin_ro

        Uite intra pe fb si iti dau acolo id 😉

    2. In Europe you have much more than just 27 countries. If you speak of EU (which isn’t Europe but a union), there is now 28 countries (Croatia included as a new member). As for map, I have no idea how it is, but it is surely a work in progress. Also, why does it have to include all countries? Then Russian map must include all of Russia, Romanian map the same etc.

      1. Cosmin_ro

        Yeah :)) yo right but this version isn’t better than the first version of this map…

  8. doesnt work for me. what rubbish

  9. what can i do he is crashing in 2minutes by me.

    and i have no mods in the map

    what can i do ?

  10. I’ll be at least informative. This map is a takeoff of the original map with the DLC included. You have different cities not included with the original and new roads with new routes included. I have not gotten to loan status but have not had any problems along the way, which is worth something because it shows it was at least throughly tested before getting launched here. The Idea of every map being complete countries is ###### thinking. I remember the first version of this map and it has been improved greately, and you do have to start a new profile, don’t want to?– your loss. Bye im back to driving——.

  11. People this is a great map-Mod.Everything what you normally encounter on a ride you will also experience now, even the parking is not so easy anymore, the entrance of some entries is prohibited search to another entrance, the cant load and los doks. the hustle and bustle, the roads everything is much prettier and more!This card is equal to the standard map of ETS 2, only fully adjusted, you will agree with me after riding. Be smart always create a new account if you are using a different folder drive. Preserve your old account, you can always come back.

  12. No Rome 🙁

  13. not working

    1. MsHeavyAlex

      if somebody want some info for map, come to us in my group in Facebook :

      Map is working perfect, without any problem. Problem will be if you dont have DLC East, or if you use in the same time some other map. This my map is STAND ALONE MAP !

      In ProMods map you’ll find some mine work too, because of that and other reasons this two map not work together.



  14. Meme avec un nouveau profil de crée et aucun mod ajouter toujours ce plantage a environ 5 minutes de jeu dommage

  15. MsHeavyAlex

    And yes, you can play with OLD PROFILE, you dont need start game again !! 😉 …everything else, find on ScS Forum or Facebook

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