Euro Skin Scania and Owned Trailers v 1.1

In this pack there is a update with some fixes.

This a reworked skin called “Beyond Borders” but I call it Euro Transport.
There is also no mirror image of the euro on the right side 😉

Alone suitable for all Scania 2016 cabins and suitable for all owned trailers!!!
The mod was tested on only works on the 1.32 open beta!!!
This mod is also compatible with the Mighty Griffin tuning pack.

Truck chassis:
Chassis 4×2
Chassis 6×2
Chassis 6×2 long
Chassis 6×2/4
Chassis 6×2 long taglift
Chassis 6×2/4 midlift
Chassis 6×4 long
chassis 8×4

Single trailers:
Curtain sider
Dry freighter
Dry freighter, side door
Walking floor
Insulated, side door
Refrigerated, side door
Refrigerated, walking floor

Double trailers:
Compatible with all of them.

B-double trailers:
Compatible with all of them.




6 Responses to Euro Skin Scania and Owned Trailers v 1.1

  1. JoachimK says:

    REUPLOAD ! Was all some weeks before here.

    And again:
    international = INTERNATIONAAL in Netherlands.
    Learn the Language please before trying making NL-Skins

    • JohnnyBoy59 says:

      I know the Dutch language, because i’m from the Netherland 😉
      I say international because for all languages 😉
      And is not reupload because there a couple fixes.

      • JoachimK says:

        Me also, I´m German, but I live more than 20 Years in NL.
        When we´re making Mods, we use always the Language of the Country.
        Tot ziens…

  2. fred says:

    Great combo, please make some more of this.

  3. patat says:

    make it compatible with scania next gen s 6×4

  4. patat says:

    make it compatible with scania next gen s 6×4. because i can’t put it on the truck

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