Euro Truck Simulator 2 update v1.4.4 BETA


SCS Software’s CEO Pavel Sebor V1.4.3 V1.4.4 BETA
release of the update to solve some problems.

To blog is published. We do not know when the full version will be
released update. V1.4.5, V1.5.0, because you may be terminated.

What is wrong with you?

Red traffic lights continuously lit (, TSM may lead edit mode)
There lane toll road
AI error occurs in the vehicle
If the damaged cargo trailers sudden disappearance to publish this
I have now seen the problem update the test. Please indicate your
opinion, if you still have problems.

Warning – TSM and so on. Getting errors while updating is not
installed on mode. Mode may be incompatible with the system installed,
the game can disturb.

Author: SCS Software

DOWNLOAD 7.7 MB from 1.4.3 to 1.4.4

30 Responses to Euro Truck Simulator 2 update v1.4.4 BETA

  1. erdem says:

    1.4.4 ün serial verirmisiniz cünki habire key istiyor lütfen

    • cptslock says:

      kardeşim yeni key yapmamışlar sabahtan beri arıyorum. skidrow un crackını buldum sonunda. youtube da bul sende yap.

  2. okan says:

    1.4.5 beta cıktı onuda sıteye eklermısn

  3. Baba says:

    Please note that there is an even newer beta available now, 1.4.5, and corresponding new forum here on the message board

    VERSION 1.45

  4. José Rodríguez says:

    Es la 1.4.4 ó la 1.4.5 ? Gracias.

  5. emil says:

    TSM Map 3.2 (ETS 2) cargo trailers sudden disappearance .I tried with the last patch v1.4.4 ,same result

  6. szetland1971 says:

    Ten TSM masz podróbkę – o tym piszą.
    Takiej wersji nie ma . jest ona okrojona.
    Poczytaj na forum TSM.
    jest jak na razie tylko wersja 3.0

    The TSM have fake – write about it.
    This version does not. it is truncated.
    Read the forum TSM.
    is so far the only version 3.0

  7. szetland1971 says:

    Ja jakoś gram na grze 1.4.1 podstawa
    Nie aktualizowane i nic mi nie ginie.

    I somehow play the game 1.4.1 base
    Not updated and you did not die.

  8. trucker richy says:

    @ colin. What works for you my friend does not necessarily work for others, though I do agree with you on some of your post, I actually like being able to test out the patch and report back my findings to S.C.S as that is the point of these patches, to allow us to give feedback to them on smaller parts of a whole patch rather than waiting months for a whole patch to come out, and also there wont be any new cities in any patches, the only way you will get new cities from S.C.S in future patches is by paying for them, they said that already on their blog page, annoying yes, but that’s how it is mate. Not argueing with ya mate, just saying

    Trucker Richy

  9. Scania v8 says:

    in questa versione il gioco si toglie ogni 15 secondi.come mai?

  10. chester says:

    admin… do i need another activation code for this patch? or just extract it?

  11. chester says:

    and what about the steam version of the game?

  12. chester says:

    admin… do i need another activation code for this patch? or just extract it? please reply…

  13. chester says:

    do i need another activation code for this patch? or just extract it? please reply…

  14. trucker richy says:

    ok everyone listen up, the steam versions of the patch are given in instructions on the official scs site, go there and look for youselves. As for another activation code, you will not need another code, unless you bought the game illegally, if you did then it is tough, buy a legal copy instead lol, you morons

    Trucker Richy

  15. BARNS2010 says:

    since update cannot get threw toll gate barrier just keeps going up and down traffic can go threw but not me

  16. chatonopentelho says:

    Hey friends! the patch is already 1:46! true!

    • trucker richy says:

      @ chatonopentelho yes it is now 1.4.6

      • BARNS2010 says:


        • trucker richy says:

          @ barns awesome glad I could help

          • big guy says:

            hey Trucker Richy i have the same problem with 1.4.8. i Cant pass toll

  17. BartvHam says:

    I don’t think it’s a good thing these beta patches are distributed so widely.

    They are BETA patches, that means that they should only be installed by people who know what they’re doing and what they should do when something goes wrong. And let’s be honest, a lot of people that look on this site are 14 year old kids that have no clue what they’re doing. The problems only get bigger

  18. chester says:

    I’m just asking… i have a legal copy of ets 2 v1.3.1… it’s just making me confused about this patch that SCS is releasing… they release a patch that has many bugs and many failures… i don’t want to make my game messed up because of this failure… it’s wasting my money… i know the effort of SCS to provide us a good quality of patches and games that will satisfy us… for the failures… I’ll make no exceptions… sorry SCS but that’s how i feel…

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