European Union Map


– Aarhus (DK)
– Aalborg (DK)
– Genova (I)
– Liepaja (LV)
– Ventspils (LV) Increase urban.

Author: Mika888


7 Responses to European Union Map

  1. A Perry says:

    When i try to put in mods its saying damaged file, does not work

    • trucker richy says:

      A perry it does work mate, I just donloaded this and put in my mods folder, it never told me it was damaged. Try downloading again mate, see what happens. Have fun

      Trucker Richy

  2. Andreas says:

    got this up as an error:
    00:00:08.729 : [unit] File ‘/def/economy_data.sii’, line 16:
    00:00:08.729 : [unit] The unit ‘’ of type ‘economy_data’ has no attribute named ‘truck_brands’.
    00:00:08.729 : load_unit_tree() – Failed to load unit tree from file (/def/economy_data.sii)

  3. Gość says:

    normalnie mi weszło

  4. Edgar says:

    Really Cool!Please update this mpa! add more places,i wold love if you add more Latvian cities liek Riga!

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