Europe Map Rebuilding

Europe-map-3 Europe map 1 Europe map 2

Respect this rules if you want next versions.
You can’t use map models and textures for other map and projects.
You can edit map for private use, then you can’t public this.

Author: satan19990.
Definition and new prefabs: _PMA.
Thanks to all who helped and supported me in creating the map!

Map using new remapped trailers Krone and Schmitz by Nordish and Bora – you can delete this if you want.
My mod for Real Company logo is recommended.

Russian sign texture by ghost
PKiN in Warsaw by Geo-system
VW LT by Walle
House of Soviets by jacapp


150 Responses to Europe Map Rebuilding

  1. Makayla Hello Kitty says:

    Do i have to start a new profile

  2. Greg says:


  3. Josh says:

    Great work

  4. trucker richy says:

    This map looks cool satan, downloading it now 🙂

  5. dave says:

    Will it work on 1.3.1

    • trucker richy says:

      i dont know dave, would imagine it does, just about to try it out on 1.3.1 now 🙂

  6. Baba says:

    It works with V1.31
    – cool Map –
    – fantastic Cities –
    – great buildings,streets and harbor installation

    vote for masterpiece

    and we can meet us @ Copenhagen McDonalds……

  7. dave says:

    Cool do you need new game save or can use use old one

    • F says:

      What do you think? Of course, you must start a new career with this map.

  8. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. says:

    Very very nice work,but downloads don,t work

  9. Flemmen says:


    To Dave; Use your old save;p

  10. Vencto says:

    I found a bug – when you drive from vilnius to kaliningrad on the E28 you have a tree in the middle of the road – its at the crossing to go south to suwalki, the 1st street coming from vilnius – i drove passed it, no idea if you can hit it/damage

  11. Baba says:

    better y take a new profil
    and choose a new location for y company

    in denmark poland russia or lithuania

    fantastic MAP

  12. Greg says:

    i neeed the Password

  13. F says:

    Yes, map is great!
    @Greg, there is no password for use this map, only files are locked inside the mod.

  14. Greg says:

    yes i need to cheange the speed

  15. Baba says:


    use a speedmod and set behind the map files
    in the Mod directory

  16. trucker richy says:

    At last a decent map. I like the DHL skinned ai vans, and you can use any pump in the fuel stations. I am yet to see the rest of it, looks awesome, and i cant wait to see if satan adds more cities, hopefully more to add to denmark, or sweden maybe. Though SCS are working on a new map update with sweden, norway and denmark covered. Maybe cities in spain?, would be nice to include spain in the game. Anyways i have packed my bags and i am off to poland lol

    Keep Truckin 🙂

    • Mads says:

      No, SCS isn’t. I know there are some Dutch guys doing it though.

      • trucker richy says:

        go to the official SCS site, they are working on a map update for northern europe. Norway, Sweden and Denmark, release date is sometime this month, think the 28th

        • trucker richy says:

          ooops my mistake, they are not working on a map update now, they stopped it aparently, working on something else. Oh well

          • 116808apd says:

            True SCS is not making a northern expansion. However we do. With the same quality as SCS and Satan19990

  17. Mads says:

    I love this Map, only thing is, even with no mods. Lithuania crashes, and a few cities in Poland, ie Suwalki.

  18. Baba says:

    real life map

    congestion at the border
    trucker chance truck tyre

    Kaliningrad, here I come

  19. trucker richy says:

    BIG BIG thumbs up to satan 19990. Awesome map, great scenery, doesn’t lag my pc either. LOVE IT!!!!

  20. Johnny says:

    Is germany also reworked ?

  21. kentas says:

    Idėkit normalu linkaaa kokio zippyshare

  22. kev says:

    is the mod also in UK or is it just in other country’s

  23. lucanos says:


  24. madog says:

    I can’t download from sharemods…
    please help me..
    other link??

  25. human says:

    Pleas put the faster download link in there, moment this is too slow

  26. wanhoop says:

    I could use some help with this…
    I’m cruising around in 1.3.1 with 3 savegames, each a different truck (Scania, Actros, Kenworth W900). I just like to drive, no need for making money or hiring drivers. I’m using several mods. What do I need to backup te be sure I’m not losing this all when I try this map out??

    • Baba says:

      make a backup of

      \Documents\EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2\*.*

      complete Directory with all Folder and files

  27. George says:

    The maps works well, but, I’ve found a problem. I hope you’ll fix this in your next update.

  28. Petr says:

    skills not work 🙁
    short routes 🙁

  29. David King says:

    Awesome map but have not found any of the company lots you show in your pictures. Only mods am using is compny; police money mod thats it love the map

  30. Burnout_18 says:

    This Map is awesome, very good job !!!!!! :)))

  31. Simon says:

    To bugy

  32. glen says:

    can you post a link for your company mod please

  33. Richard says:

    Driving along the new road OK until come to a town with an unpronounceable name…the game crashes…. So took free drive into Poland and same problem occurs…. And the language that came out of my mouth was unpronounceable with swear words ya never heard of…. 300mb + and the mod don’t work properly?!! Getting tired of maps with problems… Just wanna play the game without hassle of shite mods

  34. Baba says:

    map works fine for me
    with all mods

  35. Phonebill says:

    I can’t get this to work at all. I guess all I have to do is move the .zip folder inside the .rar file into the mod folder? I’ve reinstalled the game, but it loads half way, and then returns to the start screen.
    Anyone know what’s wronge here?

    • Phonebill says:

      haha, nevermind. I downloaded another mod and got the two mixed up 😛

  36. A High Hamster says:

    for some reason its not working for me started a new game 6 times but when i look for new citys map looks like this:

    • Baba says:

      start y profile with only 2 files
      1st – [MAP-ETS2] Europe Rebuilding v1.0.scs
      2nd – [MAP-ETS2] Europe Rebuilding Addons.scs if y want or need

      create y Hometown
      start new and take all y other mods….

      it works perfect

  37. human says:

    I get those errors:

    00:06:53.981 : [dx9] Failed to create 2D texture. [0x8876086c]
    00:06:53.981 : [dx9] Failed to create texture in hw_load().
    00:06:53.981 : FIXME: Texture update failed (/model/_inne/radar_1_4.tobj)
    00:06:53.981 : [dx9] Failed to create 2D texture. [0x8876086c]
    00:06:53.981 : [dx9] Failed to create texture in hw_load().

    when I try drive in one new road

  38. daniel kennett says:

    hello i start a new game and it loads to the end the gose back to wher you select the profile can you help me please

  39. Damian says:

    Mapka jest swietna jeden minus to brak ladunkow w miastach dodanych zjezdzilem caly okreg jak zostal dodany i nie bylo zadnego zlecenia,podobaja mi sie strefy zaladunkowe i rozladunkowe dodaj klimatu grze ale jak byly by ladunki bylo by fajnie bo takie jezdzenie i zwiedzanie niczego nie wnosi mama nadzieje ze dalsze wersje beda z miastami i ladunkami w miastach.Mapka jest swietna

  40. james says:

    Ihad no problems with downloading or starting mod. I now have graphic problems that crash the game usually in towns. I am using windows XP and amd 6700 graphics card. These same problems showed up when windows 7 os was used to add to the map. for some reason windows 7 interfeers with amd cards. For now it not usable for me and probably some others. QUESTION-was the addition to the map processed with windows 7? Are any of windows 7 users having similar problems?

  41. Willers says:

    “start y profile with only 2 files
    1st – [MAP-ETS2] Europe Rebuilding v1.0.scs
    2nd – [MAP-ETS2] Europe Rebuilding Addons.scs if y want or need

    create y Hometown
    start new and take all y other mods….

    it works perfect”

    @ Petr:
    skills working perfect for me…

    i am using ets2 1.3.1
    -just download the mod here
    -put the two included scs files in your ets2 mod folder
    -create a new profile
    -activate the two scs-mod files
    -start the game

    if you want to you other mods
    -save the game
    -start again and activate your other mods

    • human says:

      Is sure that all new city are correctly done and not errroring when those load and select there home city when select new game

  42. Richard says:

    Done that but crashes on load screen

    • Willers says:

      your ets2 version is…?
      does it happens if you only load the two included mods?
      XP, Vista, 7?
      Is your system updated especially your graphic card driver?

  43. psaf86 says:

    so far I have found the map as I-iff completely original and in relation to traffic already found DHL and UPS vans but the warehouses that are in this video have not found …. can tell me which warehouse is replacing or in which cities can I find what is in the video??

    • Vencto says:

      DHL is in Warsaw just outside the city – the other one is Lidl, also a challenge to park but forgot where it was ..

      Would be awesome if most or all where like Lidle and DHL, it feels just so realistic 🙂 Totally lovin’ it 🙂

  44. Baba says:

    for me the best ETS2 Map

    (with some minor errors)

    perfect and fantastic texture Cities, Company,service station and Countryroads etc etc…
    TYVMuch satan19990, perfect Job MASTERPIECE

  45. Beth says:

    This Map Won’t Work For Me No Matter How Hard I Try. It Always Crashes When I Select One Of The New Cities As My Hometown And Always Crashes When I Drive To One Of The New Cities. :(. Any Ideas?

    • Baba says:

      start y profile with only 2 files
      1st – [MAP-ETS2] Europe Rebuilding v1.0.scs
      2nd – [MAP-ETS2] Europe Rebuilding Addons.scs if y want or need

      create y Hometown
      start new and take all y other mods….

      for the other guysz this way for installationit works perfect

  46. Richard says:

    Yeah just the two mods it crashes with new profile but when play the game with save game it works except with new towns it crashes….

  47. james says:

    I went and upgraded my graphics card drivers and that seems to have helped. I now have added the other mods with very few problems. The way it crashes I think is due to my processor for the computer cause it is slow at transfering data for the map.I am running xp, amd 6700 graphics card and intel 3.4 ghz cpu. I guess its time for a new processor. I also noticed that when i had graphic set to low it was crashing more often, i raised it to high but not high maxxed out and am driving slower in towns now. Started with new profile and after I got my own truck it ran better.Still working the bugs out,but the map so far is great now. thanks satan good job

  48. Baba says:

    next step – mm pool settings

    ETS2 desktop Symbol – properties

    \Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x86\eurotrucks2.exe”
    -mm_pool_size xxxx (400 – 800 – 1000 – 1200)

  49. Volvo-Z says:

    That’s nice ####

  50. Beth says:

    I Am Now Able To Use This Map. I Downloaded The Fix That The Uploader Of The Map Created And Put On His/Her Site.
    Here Is The Download Link:

  51. Richard says:

    Do ya use it by it’s self or with the map mod?

  52. Jensen35 says:

    I must say that it is the best card for long. First of all thanks. The mods I have work all. What I would like are still dirt roads, more people, sites and continent of Africa at that and I’m happy.

  53. Ed says:

    TruckSim Map v2.2 ist besser!

  54. Bob Vila says:

    Doesn’t work for me. As soon as I’m ready to start my very first drive, the game crashes. No other mods installed.

  55. Bob Vila says:

    Never mind. Got it working. Hopefully the reliable delivery location mod works with this. Doubt it tho.

  56. David says:

    I started new profile, save game, also have two scs files in mod folder. I don´t use any other mods. But still crahes when I try to go in new cities (Gdansk, Kopenhagen…) I have updated graphic drivers, I try it on Win 7 and on Win 8, but same problem. Can you help ??? Thanks.

  57. Bob Vila says:

    I spoke too soon. It doesn’t work for me. I leave the first business and get about 20 feet down the road and the game crashes.

  58. DOTT says:

    Where can i get the password???

  59. REDROCK says:

    Help please I need your email address, this is my e-mail addresses [email protected]

  60. Martin says:

    tsm 2.2 IS best!

  61. Dada says:

    satan19990, thanks VM for free link for fix …

  62. asd says:


  63. Bob Vila says:

    This mod is working except for Amsterdam. Whenever I get near Amsterdam the game crashes. However, the reliable delivery location works with this map which is just awesome!

  64. George says:

    The map is crashing when you reach the Kobenhavn harbour! The motorway taxing points aren’t shown on the map (on the new roads) and basically, all the new towns has crashing problems. Use only the Real companies mod v1.4. That’s the only patch worth playing from this user IMO.

    • Willers says:

      for me kobenhavn and taxing points are working.
      maybe it will help to rename your real companies mod.
      just put zzzzzz_ in front of your mod-name.

    • james says:

      This graphics condition is usually caused by excessive graphics being used and the graphics card malfunctions. reduce the graphics for the map and recheck your graphics card settings. I have an amd 6700 and used to get it a lot on microsoft flight fsx. If you are using the HD Graphics mod, try deselecting the HD in the Profile, This may be causing the graphics card to do this

  65. Willers says:

    sorry i forgot so first of all:
    thanks for this great map! for me it is the best map!

    I was in Amsterdam…had no crashes.
    Start my game in Vilnius…

  66. Dada says:

    I use zzzz_er_fix (1.6 GB), Amsterdam and Kobenhavn no crashes … but I have a problem in Szczecin, it can pass if you drive on the right emergency lane and after is ok.

  67. james says:

    For those of you who have multiple save for one map, This can cause crashes due to the processor not keeping up with the file transfer from the HHD to the game.
    I only have a 3 gb processor and I have slowed down the amount of crashes for this map. I have at least 12 save files for this one profile and 11 other profiles being kept in the profile section for ETS2.
    What I did was made a sub file in the profiles for the game, and named it PROFILE MASTERLIST. I also made a PROFILE TEST file(since all the profiles are long number and letter combinations. To find out what number belongs to which profile, DO THE FOLLOWING
    1. Make a list of all the profile names in the profile section of the running game. Exit the game.
    2-Go to the profile listing with all the numbers and Starting at the top of the list, DRAG one of the number files(CAUTION DO NOT MODIFY OR CHANGE THIS NUMBER OR YOU LOSE THAT PROFILE FOR THE GAME) into PROFILE TEST FILE.
    3. Now restart the game, and on the profile screen of the game, the missing profile belongs to that number.
    4 On the profile list you wrote down, now copy this number(with all number and letters as they are shown) under this missing profile.
    5. Now drag the number from the profile test file back into the profile number list( MAKING SURE THE NUMBER IS BACK IN THE LIST), and do the same for all the rest of the numbers.
    6 Now in order to make the processing of the map more efficient, Take all but the map profiles you are using for this game at the present time, and place them in the PROFILE MASTERLIST.
    7. Now start the game and you should have only one profile with all the saves for the map you are presently using. The loading of files from the HHD to the game is now more efficient since it looks at only this one profile.

    NOTE: If you change maps put the current profile in the masterlist, and load the profile of the map you now want to use from the masterlist to the profile file and start the game.

    Sorry about the longwindedness of the description and I hope this help slower processors keep up with the graphics of the game.

  68. Mayur says:

    Your work is very good, precious. You have done amazing work. The sight see nary is very good, but fencing of the road side does not allow to see me sight see nary. I always have to shift outside camera from cabin camera to enjoy views that you have created in this mod. so please remove fencing or make it small then views of outside can easily be seen.

  69. Mayur says:

    Hey buddy there is a mistake in map, have you tried the way from Torino to Bern, there is a blockage in between tunnel and other traffic vehicles can pass though that blockage but my truck can’t pass through. Please solve that problem because that’s my fav road. And of course you changed physics settings of game but I want my original settings so I deleted your settings from mod. I think you have to keep your physics settings separate from map.

  70. Alex says:

    i have done the things that baba says and still i cant see the new city when i start a new game. could somebody help me?

  71. GAZCAN says:


  72. Bob Vila says:

    I have a question about the fix file: zzzz_er_fix. Are we supposed to keep the 2 original Europe Map Rebuilding mode files and add the fix? Or are we supposed to delete the 2 original mod files and just use this one? Thanks.

    • Dada says:

      Yes, 2 original Europe Map Rebuilding mods and add the zzzz_er_fix …

  73. r32zabiser says:

    nice mod man, but a truck mapmodel. He not have a sunshield and mirror

    I hope you can fix the mapmodel on next time

  74. Mark says:

    this map is absolutely awesome. Thanks 🙂 look forward to your future updates.

  75. GAZCAN says:


  76. igor says:

    Great mod, thanks!

  77. GAZCAN says:

    also needs road blockers at the end of roads where you can not go. cause you just fall of the map and float.

  78. Actros Bosna says:

    I want this mapp….!!…Why , when i coming in city game crash…!???..>> zzzz_er_fix << HOW TO GET THIS…???

    Ty !

  79. kai23i says:

    hi this is great Im Pol and I like it but I have a one little problem Map not presses the west of the city where they are I can not click on the city such as Suwalki Please help me What can I du Greetings

  80. Jensen35 says:

    Made a mistake. In Warsaw over the bridge. Get stuck and can not drive over

  81. mikas1478 says:

    Ok,Ok its good mod but if i start in vilnius,Lithuania
    Its crashe’s “:( help me

  82. Baba says:

    vote for masterpiece

  83. HJV says:

    Hi when do we see the so highly advertised map update the first bit was quite good,had a few flaws but nothing major.

    • DAYZU says:

      Where has update for Europe Map Rebuilding been advertised?

      • HJV says:

        Advertised is not the wright word, he was making slide shows and gave description what the next update would look like. But that’s all a lot of talk and no show.

        • DAYZU says:

          Wright is not the right word. If you search this site for “rebuilding” only this comes up. Are you referring to the romanian map that has had several previews for it’s next update (v 2.0) which has models taken from this map (so might look similar)?

  84. Peter says:

    Which countries and cities are there in this map?

    best regards

    • DAYZU says:

      A few new ones in Russia, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania and maybe a few other countries in that area and that is it I believe.

  85. batak says:

    And its continue to crashing. I started game only with two EMR.scs with no mods and its crashing……

    • HJV says:

      Hi batak,I be playing that game for 58 hrs and42 mins with 48 different mods in it and I have no CTD.

  86. Bob Vila says:

    Guys the update progress can be checked at:
    It’s all German but you can see a progress bar on the right. They are at 45% right now.

  87. george says:

    dont bloody work on 1.3.1 just crashes game load off ####

    • ^^Im With Stupid^^ says:

      Works fine on my 1.3.1 try engaging your brain first and then try.

  88. george says:

    i got it working but as soon as i go into one off the new cities it crashes

    • Deshu says:

      Try starting the game in one of the new cities. I started in Suwalki, Poland (top right of map) and no crashes with many other mods running.

  89. Bob Vila says:

    Finally got this working!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was crashing every time I entered Amsterdam, Kaliningrad, and another city or 2. The fix file didn’t fix it for me. I tried everything and nothing was working. I went to the author’s page and downloaded from his links and voila! It now works! His page is here: He splits the files into 2 parts each there, so make sure you get them. I downloaded from the mediafire links and got the fix from the zippyshare links and now everything works!!!

  90. conor10 says:

    We have Trucksim map in terms of space, ”Romania map” and ”Europe Map Rebuilding” in terms of modifications and wonderful extras that represent reality.And also ”Truckers map” we want a complete map covering all of these amendments.Before the advent of ”Euro truck simulator 3 / or next version” which are in the process of completion.
    Come on, owners of amendments !

  91. flameas says:

    it lags horribly

  92. davidsion says:

    every new city had a bug I cant enter the cites it always crashes in the middle and the roads are the same way plz help

  93. glen says:

    it wont work for me im on 1.3.1 and have started a new game and still wont work

  94. Os says:

    I can not download this Norway map.

  95. partypooper says:

    I have ETS2 version 1.3.1 and when I go from Poznan to Bydgoszcz my game crashes just when I reach the new city. Please fix this so that I can play this mod in version 1.3.1 without my game having to crash!

  96. Mirusox says:

    When starting a new game and you’ll Warsaw city so it fits game although there do not have any fashion, or when I come to town and also fits my game and I was only there that map nothing but the map

  97. simon melkert says:

    where can i find it

  98. yulyan says:

    nu ami merge modul ((((=

  99. Kiskrisza says:

    Works for patch 1.7.0???

  100. domee says:

    Geht die Auch mit der Promods Karte?

  101. blyatman says:

    are rusia is in this map?

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