MAZ 5432

MAZ 5432 3 MAZ 5432 1 MAZ 5432 2

Author Maz: Ols
Author envelope in ETS2: Dalnoboishik ™ (ie me)
Lapping envelope, fixing problems registration: Klippers (Oleg Kushin)
Authors Salon: Bruiser, Stalker45, Mr.Nick
Author envelope salon in ETS2: Stalker45
Testing v 1.3.1, changed the texture vneshke: Versetti (Grey Tabby)

Author trailer: Bruiser
Author envelope in ETS2: Dalnoboishik ™ (ie me)
Lapping envelope, residence of wheels: Klippers (Oleg Kushin)

Features fashion:
1) Maz is painted in standard colors.
2) There are two versions of cabins, with spoiler and without.
3) Native MAZ beauty and sounds.
4) Two versions of the chassis 4×2 and 6×4.

Features fashion V.3:
1) Truck registered individual slot, so it is not in traffic,
Maz can be purchased at any car show Scania.
2) There is a small external tuning, you can change the design of the bumper.
3) Changed the lighthouses and their location on the roof.
4) Posted left a small mirror vneshke.
5) Fixed the collision.

Many thanks to the user Stalker45, for providing the salon!
Many thanks to the user Bruiser, for providing the trailer!
Many thanks to the user Klippers, for fine-tuning mode and fix the problems!


8 thoughts on “MAZ 5432

  1. Another mod with locked files. It’s a pity… Well, at least it is looks quite good 😐

  2. juri113312

    Link is dead.

    1. Link is working, maybe a little slowly, but working.

      1. Yes,link is not working for me.Download stoped on 16,6mb.I’ll try one more time to take off the truck.

  3. Why is it locked? Now how to make a skin for it because you did not make any skin for this kamion.To you too ###### to lock mode.

  4. Sarkissian

    Locked, so no download for me, I hate it when files like these are locked!
    Wanted to make traffic files for this truck but when file is locked I don’t even try it!

  5. Hello! This is old great russian truck. Very good quality! Alternative download:

  6. It drives great! But, i hate the sound of it. Its horrible!

    It sounds like a lawn mower and if its constantly shifting!

    Removed sadlY:(

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