Europe Map v 2.0


Europe Map 2.0 version

Author: polog4


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  1. HijackSheep says:

    v1.0.4 or v 2.0? which one is real?

    • BartvHam says:

      two different maps, different authors.

      To the modders/authors;
      Be original with the mod names. Don’t call every mod “Truckshop Addon”, “Tuning Mod” or “Europe Map v123.4”

  2. Baba says:

    Europe Map v 2.0 same as Norway map

    denmark and Norway and the rest of europe

  3. Tom says:

    How do you install this? Simple guide please! 😀

  4. Bosnian Guy! says:

    Do you have to start new game?

    • BartvHam says:

      ALL new maps require a new savegame

      • TomaSis says:

        No they dont, i was playing on the original EST2 map and try it the V1.0.4 map and is working fine without starting a new profile.
        Dont no about this one

        • Baba says:

          omg – y need a new profile

          after a while the game crash and y can´t buy new garage

          and listen what bart say, wrote

  5. human says:

    Can I use both europe map version 1.0.4 and 2.0 same time

  6. Bosnian Guy! says:

    Author do you need to start a new game???

  7. TomaSis says:

    Human of course not, you must saty with the same author, you cant mix maps from different author

  8. Richard says:

    Tried it for a bit… Motor ways… New profile….. If I’m gonna start new profile I’m gonna need lot more new things than what’s on this map… Gonna stick with Ireland map for long time.. the one which got deleted of here… Got more towns than this and more normal roads than this….

    • stool pigeon says:

      Ireland map also has traffic take corners on wrong side of road in some places and create traffic jams. Grass ditches for some depots instead of flat driveways. Many problems with Ireland map too my friend.

  9. Mephic says:


    So basically as huge map fan I have to clear some things up.

    First of all map consists:

    1. Totally rebuilt Germany and other EU vanilla roads
    2. New signs and objects
    3. Norway
    4. Denmark
    5. Much more cool things which You will see if You will install this map 🙂 Don’t want to spoil anything.

    Map is purely amazing, because Polog fixed most of the utterly ugly terrains like East and Middle German roads (no more 90 degrees turns on highway), he also fixed roads in Poland and added two beautiful countries made from scratch. This map also uses Reislord and TSM models and signs so all in all it looks great and for now it is IMHO most realistic map of all maps released for people who like to drive in EU not in Africa 🙂

    I advise it to anyone.

    You just have to be careful in Denmark on 2 lane highway connecting Germany and Denmark if You use Rush Hour traffic mod, because Polog set high amount of traffic on this roads during map building and cars tend to spawn on Your truck if using Rush Hour mod.

  10. fridtjof95 says:

    Great map! 🙂 Will you also add more cities and for exmpample Sweden to this map?
    Maybe also the ferry Puttgarden – Rödby?

  11. Denni says:

    I can´t get it to Work.
    I don´t know what to do with the 2 zip files, or where to put them.

  12. gert says:

    Exx map, i love driving on this road’s

  13. conor10 says:

    How do you install this?
    What should I do ( 05 and 01 ) please

  14. AyrshireBrit says:

    Love this map only down side of it that i have found is when you go to both cities in Norway and also cant mind the name of the city but where you get the boat to Norway, all the companies are there in the towns but there are no0 loads to be collected for the journey back. Not a big thing but something you maybe able to fix.

    Once again thanks for a lovely map best map i have tried yet.

  15. chibs says:

    polog4: is it possible to change the skin on the static trailers on the map? If I put my trailer skin pack those won’t change what you placed on the map.

  16. tijzemaes says:

    how did you guys add new cities? If I try it I can only add the cities that are already in the standard map! Please help! I’m making my owne map, but it’s useless if I can’t add NEW cities!

  17. yolo says:

    can sombody explain me how to install this map?
    Ive extracted it in the mods folder, but what do i have to do with thoeses two extra zip files inside the zip file? I did extract them and i even tried renaming map to scs but i cant seem to make it work ingame, i did make a new profile also but nothing happened.

  18. Mindaugas says:

    gal kas nors galetumete padaryti – Ispanijos,portugalijos,Latvijos,Lietuvos,Estijos,Suomijos,Gudijos,Svedijos,Norvegjos,Danijos,Turkijos

  19. trucks13 says:

    It works on 1.11.1 ?

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