European Radios v 0.18

If you wish to contact me: [email protected]

Put the file “live_streams.sii” in the folder “Euro Truck Simulator 2”

There are 1 187 radios, in 19/20 different countries which all work! ?

– Albania
– Armenia
– Austria
– Belarus
– Belgium
– Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Bulgaria
– Croatia
– Northern Cyprus
– Czech republic
– Denmark
– Estonia
– Faroe Islands
– France
– Finland
– Georgia/Abkhazia
– Germany
– Greece
– Spain

Ficfic & thanks to Hugo Coytte (for French radios) & (for radio links)


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12 thoughts on “European Radios v 0.18

  1. Anthony Perry


    1. Yes

  2. Add English radios

    1. Soon

  3. Cosmin_ro

    Roumanie Pologne GrandeBretagne Portugal Hongrie ??? tu apelle ca radio europe alors qu’ils manque des pays importants de l’europe c’est bien.

    1. Salut, bah ça prend du temps et en attendant je poste quand même des versions, mais le jour où j’aurai tous les pays je me demande bien ce que tu vas dire!

  4. Andreas Sørensen


    1. I don’t know why, worry

  5. Anthony Perry

    If a mix of radio was produced only uk this would be redeemed as racist. So this is racist NOT to include UK

    1. Lol, you’re funny!

  6. 2018 february 6 :
    So many radios don’t works

    1. Hello, really? Beacuse for me, many radios work, do you have a good Internet connection?

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