European radios v0.13.1


It is a beta, so be patient please! thank you
Put the file “live_streams.sii” in the folder “Euro Truck Simulator 2”
There are 853 radios, in 14 different countries:
-Bosnia and Herzegovina
-Czech republic

Ficfic & thanks to Hugo Coytte


11 thoughts on “European radios v0.13.1

  1. not works

    1. The version 1.27 doesn’t accept a lot of radios… But it works in 1.26

      1. Volvo_King

        For me 1.27 accept only formats .fm and .mp3 🙂 If you want I can help you with mod specially with Czech and some others radios. 😉

        1. And it works with .pls?
          I want thank you ^^

          1. Volvo_King

            I needed try it so sorry for late answer. The most of radios are corrupted or have invalid format. I checked formats .pls, .m3u and nothing works. I think when you add formats like this: “.mp3.m3u”, it accepted only one format the .m3u. Next thing what I found is that next format which should works is .aac 🙂

        2. OK thank you 😉
          But a lot of my radios are in .pls or in .m3u XD

          1. Volvo_King

            I am working on some radios update, so I can send them for yours pack (or we can fix them together). 😉

  2. So I thought why the radio stations do not work it’s all because of the wrong format

    1. Yes! The format was correct in 1.26 or previous that…

  3. hi, the version 1.27 or 1.26, is not works radio for ets 2 ?

    1. There will be a new version

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