Europolice v1.2


Fixed minor bugs and warning messages.
Replace version 1.0 (delete it when install 1.2)
Adds a.i. police cars in many countries.
Works on all game versions and maps.

Solaris36 (skins & config), Evermotion & Atak_Snajpera (Original model)


20 thoughts on “Europolice v1.2

  1. UnableRogue

    Wow this file is so big. Does this merely add police vehicles that drive around normally or do they chase you or what?

    1. Solaris36

      It´s only a.i. traffic.
      28 police cars.
      Thank you.

      1. UnableRogue

        That’s still awesome. 😀

  2. Thanks dude! Is it possible to make mermaids? will be really cool 🙂

    1. Solaris36

      Maybe in v2.0. 🙂

    2. mitchb57, what yuo mean by mermaids?
      and to Solaris36 or Evermotion or Atak_Snajpera: why do i get light flares glowing sround all ai vihicles when using yuor mod, in most resent ETS2 patch ?

      1. Solaris36

        Mermaids=flares glowing I undestand.

        1. oh ok thanks for that flare info… may i clarify that is it in this version corrected that only that specific countrys police cars is seen, not all other country e g. german “polizei” inside germanys borders

          1. Solaris36

            It must be so but sometimes fails and see where not is correct. It is not problem of mod, it´s a map problem.
            (excuse my poor english)

  3. Hedegaard

    IS it then danish police in Denmark, German in Germany, Italian in Italy… u catch my drift ?
    Right now I only have finish police in all europe

    1. Solaris36

      You must have a mods conflict…

      See game.log.txt

  4. mermaids, yes yes dude with sound 🙂

  5. Sarkissian

    Can you upload to another site please? Like Zippyshare or so, because this Mega site sucks bollocks and all the time gives errors or doesn’t work at all!

    Thanks, my best regards.

  6. Solaris36

    Alternative download link (rar compressed).

  7. AmericanFlag Peterbilt

    If only the driver looked like a police officer, this would be even more realistic! Awesome mod though!

  8. I didn’t meet Czech police car. Do you have a photo of it? (Just to compare, I’m Czech :-)) I met many others, but not the Czech one.

  9. please update this mod to 1.17+

  10. Hi.
    Please update this mod to 1.20.x

  11. abdulmujeeb


  12. sjoerd krempel


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