Everything is free mod (Incl. No police) v 2.0


New in version 1.0:
– Every jobs are open
– Cancelling a job is free
– No penalties if cargo is damaged.
– Every garage (and upgrade) is free
– No productivity plans
– Hired drivers don’t cause any costs
– No delivery overtimes
– Longer time to complete jobs
– Selling a truck gives 100% price back
– Every loans are interest free and payback time is 500-10000 months (so it´s “free”)
– Your money can be in negative almost endless
– You doesn’t get any fines (NO POLICES)

New in version 1.1:
– Ferries and trains are now free

New in version 2.0 (this version):
– The whole mod is recreated to game version 1.14
– You can now drive without sleeping over 110 game hours
– Sleeping time is now 1 minute (before it was over 7 hours)
– Now you get 99% more experience points if you take long, fragile, adr, important, urgent or heavy job.
– Now you get 5000 xp if you park you trailer properly (before 45 xp).
– Max level is now 10000 (before 150)
– You will receive a new level much more easily
– Hired drivers brings you an average of 500 000 euros every time.

Author: Maximate


6 Responses to Everything is free mod (Incl. No police) v 2.0

  1. h9jin says:

    No penalties if cargo is damaged. no work

  2. turboiron says:

    NO WORK!!!!!!

  3. Maximate says:

    Just like h9jin say “no damage if cargo is damaged” don’t work, but everything else works. I going to fix this in next, FINAL, update!

  4. h9jin says:

    Actually”no damage if cargo is damaged” Many people can not solve

    I hope Maximate Can Fastest time to settle this problem

    sorry my poor english

    Translation from google

  5. Spuki says:

    Why do you put mods that do not work ?! b….s… Not one item is not working !!

    • H3llBoy says:

      it IS working, you just have to make sure that this mod is the last few mods for it load, meaning that you just have to put a lot of “Z”s in front of the mod name and that will do the trick

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