Everything is free mod (Incl. No Police) v 2.1 FINAL


New in version 1.0:
– Every jobs are open
– Cancelling a job is free
– No penalties if cargo is damaged.
– Every garage (and upgrade) is free
– No productivity plans
– Hired drivers don’t cause any costs
– No delivery overtimes
– Longer time to complete jobs
– Selling a truck gives 100% price back
– Every loans are interest free and payback time is 500-10000 months (so it´s “free”)
– Your money can be in negative almost endless
– You doesn’t get any fines (NO POLICES)

New in version 1.1:
– Ferries and trains are now free

New in version 2.0 :
– The whole mod is recreated to game version 1.14
– You can now drive without sleeping over 110 game hours
– Sleeping time is now 1 minute (before it was over 7 hours)
– Now you get 99% more experience points if you take long, fragile, adr, important, urgent or heavy job.
– Now you get 5000 xp if you park you trailer properly (before 45 xp).
– Max level is now 10000 (before 150)
– You will receive a new level much more easily
– Hired drivers brings you an average of 500 000 euros every time.

New in version 2.1 (this version):
– No penalty if cargo is damaged works now.
– This is final version.

NOTE: Some things costs 1 euro, because game don’t understand number zero (new garage, garage update, job abandon, etc.).
NOTE: If mod doesn’t work, try to add more “z” letters in front of the name.

Works game version 1.14 but if you have another economy mod you have to disable it.

Author: Maximate


9 thoughts on “Everything is free mod (Incl. No Police) v 2.1 FINAL

  1. Can you tell me where to put the Z do not understand what to do, thank you ?!

    1. In the name. There is already one z and you just add some more.

  2. damage dont work

    1. It works, i test it.

  3. Hi Maximate,

    I have a problem with the mod. When you activate it, it freezes your work trips. So if you start a new account and you activate the mod then you can only drive trips in your on city 2 your city. Even when you fully upgrade the distance (because of the 5000XP). You don’t get bigger trips. And i can’t find a solution. But i you have a account with some bigger trips and you activate it. then you don’t get bigger trips also. So the mod does something wrong with your trips/jobs. I hope you can fix that because i love the mod!

  4. Mod sounds fine.
    Look forward to downloading it fingers crossed it works as most of my mods dont because of n.zip

  5. don’t work. I always park my trailer and i installed this mod and i still get 45 xp no cops it don’t work selling a truck don’t give you 100%. I would really love for this mod to work because it’s the only one I need to use.

  6. okay so maybe it was something i was doing I am going to try this mod again because I really like the look of everything your saying so I will try it again.

  7. yeah mod works wonderfully everything is as you say but i hate 0 xp for roaming lol but your mod is awesome

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