Excellent SweetFX


This is the best SweetFX I ever seen. Is awsome.

Author: Dastagir


21 thoughts on “Excellent SweetFX

  1. JohnNecirRebellion

    Dastagir I like your mods, is it compatible to your lautus? or I will install separately?

  2. JohnNecirRebellion

    and also is it compatible with the v1.15.0.3?

    1. Yes,i tried on 1.15.x and is working.

    1. Yeah?! Download that mod and try it on 1.14 or 1.15 and u will see. IS NOT WORKING and new version:)

  3. CrysS8 It’s not the same mod. Has different settings.

  4. hey guys how to adjust setting for this mod ?

  5. where can I find a tutorial to install the mod SweetFX…

    1. In \Steam\SteamApps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin

      u paste the SweetFX, if u have any problem,just contact me ( [email protected] )

      1. paste the .rar file? or Sweetfx file? or Sweetfx_64 file? or……….?


        1. Mcsweggins


          1. all the file inside the .rar file put into the \bin?


  6. Mcsweggins

    Yep everything in the rar into /bin, and if you want to uninstall just delete everything that you copied into /bin.

    1. thankyou

  7. Which button should do a screenshot?

    1. Ingame? it’s F10

      1. not work.. 🙁

        1. In Steam it is F12

  8. From Dan

    If you experience bad quality sweetfx here’s how:

    “1. Backup your ETS2 bin
    2. Before you copy the files into your bin start ets2 and disable MLAA and Color Correction
    3. Copy all files into your ets 2 bin C:/program files (X86)/Steam/Steam Apps/Common/ETS2/bin/bin_x86
    4. Open SweetFX_settings.txt in your bin and where it says define USE_CARTOON set to 0 and define USE_VIGNETTE set to 0. Scroll down to LumaSharpen settings this will fix blur and pixel clarity.
    #define sharp_strength set to 0.30
    #define sharp_clamp set to 0.035 which is ets2 default.
    Thats it everything should be crisp and clear”

  9. For some reason it changes my in-game settings to the lowest possible. Is there a way to prevent it from doing that?

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