Exhaust Smoke For Scania S & R 2016

The modification will replace the standard Smoke For Scania S & R 2016
– Mod supports Scania S & R 2016
– Mod tested and work on 1.32 Beta
Installation: Move the file from the downloaded archive to: Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / mod and connect it to the mod-manager.
It isn´t allowed to publish this mod here again or on another website!!!
Enjoy and Play!



11 Responses to Exhaust Smoke For Scania S & R 2016

  1. JoachimK says:

    STOLEN !!!
    As ALL Mods from this Person !!!

    • ysy770724977 says:

      ###….. I want to know what the lining of the side skirts is MOD! please

      • Romario says:

        ysy770724977. MD Modding Sideskirt For Scania R & S.

    • scania_dragon says:

      Ich weiss nicht, aber irgendwie wird das hier immer mehr zur Bühne für Mod-Diebe und ebenso auch für Mobbing. Das k**** mich ja sowas von an…

  2. KiLLeR Modding says:

    Why the fu¢k are you using my photo to promote yourself? Fu¢king bit¢h, stop uploading fake mods using other users photos

  3. Zacky says:


  4. Wessel says:

    Where can I download the highpipes?

  5. Kristoffer Buan says:

    is it pipes or smoke?

  6. GoldLightMe says:

    도둑질 그만 지옥이나 가십시요.

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