Exhaust Smoke For Scania S & R 2016

The modification will replace the standard Smoke For Scania S & R 2016
– Mod supports Scania S & R 2016
– Mod tested and work on 1.32 Beta
Installation: Move the file from the downloaded archive to: Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / mod and connect it to the mod-manager.
It isn´t allowed to publish this mod here again or on another website!!!
Enjoy and Play!



11 thoughts on “Exhaust Smoke For Scania S & R 2016

  1. STOLEN !!!
    As ALL Mods from this Person !!!

    1. ysy770724977

      ###….. I want to know what the lining of the side skirts is MOD! please

      1. ysy770724977. MD Modding Sideskirt For Scania R & S.

    2. scania_dragon

      Ich weiss nicht, aber irgendwie wird das hier immer mehr zur Bühne für Mod-Diebe und ebenso auch für Mobbing. Das k**** mich ja sowas von an…

  2. KiLLeR Modding

    Why the fu¢k are you using my photo to promote yourself? Fu¢king bit¢h, stop uploading fake mods using other users photos

    1. KiLLeR Modding

      https://flic.kr/p/244bAfu check the link to see the truck here

    2. TeddyBear

      if you put your picture up on facebook and its good, ofcourse some dude might take it and use it.
      whats to special about it anyway?

  3. Where can I download the highpipes?

  4. Kristoffer Buan

    is it pipes or smoke?

  5. GoldLightMe

    도둑질 그만 지옥이나 가십시요.

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