Exhausts for Trucks v 1.0


Mod adds exhausts that I called “Galaxy” for Trucks:
– Two types in several variants
– Each variant are slots for accessories from 3 to 10

Accessories are:
– 87 badges and emblems
– 6 standard small lights
– 2 standard plates (driver and co-driver)
– Adapted to the new Mod Manager

You can find them in exhaust left and right.
Tested on – works fine on older versions.
Mod is compatible with my highpipes mod.
You can use emblems, badges in the center slot.
Mod supports more than 25 trucks.
More info and full list of supported trucks in “info.txt”.

Authors: SCS, Drivter, Nico2k4


10 Responses to Exhausts for Trucks v 1.0

  1. matpol98 says:

    Does it work for the scania rjl and scania t series by rjl?

    • Middi says:

      ull list of supported trucks:

      – DAF XF by SCS
      – DAF XF 105 by 50k
      – DAF XF Euro 6 by SCS & ohaha
      – Iveco Hi-Way by SCS
      – Iveco Stralis by SCS
      – MAN TGX by SCS
      – MAN TGX Reworked by MADster
      – MAN TGX Euro 6 by MADster
      – Mercedes Benz Actros by SCS
      – Mercedes Benz Actros 2014 by SCS
      – Mercedes Benz Actros 4160 SLT 8×4 Titan by Moders Team Poland, Tornado
      – Mercedes Benz Antos 2012 by Danz [D3S DESIGN]
      – Renault Premium by SCS
      – Renault Magnum by SCS
      – Renault Magnum Edit by Ricardo Neisse
      – Scania 143m by Ekualizer
      – Scania 4 by satan19990
      – Scania R by SCS
      – Scania R2008 50k by Matdom1988
      – Scania Streamline by SCS
      – Scania T by RJL
      – SISU R500 & C500 & C600 by RJL
      – Volvo FH13 Classic by Peerke145
      – Volvo FH16 2009 by SCS
      – Volvo FH16 2012 by SCS
      – Volvo FH16 2013 by ohaha

    • Papou says:

      Yes sir!!!

    • Papou says:

      Yes !!!

  2. Rollo63 says:

    TY for the MOD verry verry nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COOL!!!!!!!!!COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yuna says:

    There is no DAF exhaust on the picture

  4. robi87 says:

    Do not go under scaniamegastore; (

  5. Angelo says:

    Great mod! Well done, thank you!

  6. texasman says:

    this mod is not working… only on left side from truck is working..but not on the rightside

  7. Nico2k4 says:

    Mod working with left and right side – no for all chassis but in most.If the slot is available to exhaust this mod should work. In some trucks, there is no slot or is only available in selected chassis (4×2 etc.).

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