Cats Eyes

Cats Eyes (1) Cats Eyes (2) Cats Eyes (3)

Cats eyes mod on road surface…
Higher priority needed over any other material mods for roadside..

I dont think i need to explain installation instructions, i think we all must know that by now 🙂

Author: Truck3rzz


10 Responses to Cats Eyes

  1. Santiago says:

    what is his function?

    • Walter Plinge says:

      1st line of description is a big give away here.

      “Cats eyes mod on road surface…”

      Hope this helps

  2. Angelo says:

    Good mod, thanks!

  3. wegger says:

    No lighting

  4. Serena says:

    Not showing here either !!

  5. Alex Knoks says:

    Work on TSM map ?

  6. Truck3rzz says:

    Yep works on tsm/rusmap…
    Im working on improving the lighting/flare effects but difficult without screwing up road lines…
    Ive got another (better lighting) version sorted, will upload shortly…

  7. 4004 says:

    Is there any sound/feedback from it?

  8. Theosz says:

    Using this mod I realized nothing.

    it is like a paper in the ground – did not hear any sounds when wheels are over it; no bump in G27/steering wheel…

    I know that EAA team did some like that in their maps and work very weel and it is cool. Did not see on other maps

  9. abc says:

    haha haha haha it’s a road skin not cat eye

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