External camera distance


This mod change max distance on external camera.
Works on 1.3.1 version
Author: Erivann Barbosa


5 thoughts on “External camera distance

  1. I really, really want this mod. Just not badly enough to run that bullshit downloader.

  2. If you uncheck the box on the download page you get the mod directly

    1. No, I did that. You get a file that is an exe. The exe installs the downloader. It’s bullshit and the uploader is a jackass.

      1. YouRNidiot

        Oye TFM. You are an #####. Just follow the instructions. Uncheck the installer and download you moron. Just dont blindly blame the uploader. Its not his fault that you are a half ### nutter!!

  3. if modders on this site where true to game they would have direct down load not all the bullshit spam , I have given up on mods from this or any other site as its no longer about modding its a bout how much #### you can get people into down loading.

    I have tried about a dozen mods and only 3 worked rest would not and had spam and malicious software attached , you know who you are and you are killing the modding community

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