Extra – Small Dealer and Showroom

Extra-Small-Dealer-and-Showroom-1 Extra-Small-Dealer-and-Showroom-2

Majestic logo of the small truck dealer and showroom will change to Mercedes-Benz.
This file is able to use as standalone.
You do not need Necessarily “Real Trucks Emblem Version 2”.

Authors: SCS Software, pete379jp

DOWNLOAD 4 MB [Uploaded.net]
DOWNLOAD 4 MB [Sharemods]

6 Responses to Extra – Small Dealer and Showroom

  1. muerteh 650 says:

    The mod es copy for Essentials Mod v 4.1 the Authors:ND4SPD Racer,no pete379jp 🙁

  2. szetland2014 says:

    the same – compared files – Essentials Mod v 4.1
    to samo – porównane

    • YOGI says:


      There you can see Essentials Mod v4.1 full details.

      It says:

      1. Pete379jp for the real logos of the Mercedes-Benz Actros and Mercedes-Benz truck dealer.
      2. lonestranger for the real logo heavy duty equipment textures.
      3. Diago Sofrano a.k.a zeroniner for the real tires mod.
      4. Yusuf Bolukbasi for the Schmitz Trailer logos.
      5. LT-Schall for the real gas stations mod.

      So, yes.. it is pete379jp!

      “Extra – Small dealer & Showroom”

      • szetland2014 says:

        Sorry !!! (YOGI , pete379jp)
        My fault, I did not read to the end
        I just compared the files.
        Both files have identical fashion – the date, etc.

        Moja wina, nie przeczytałem do końca
        Po prostu porównałem pliki.
        Oba mody mają identyczne pliki – data etc.

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