Faster Blinker Iveco Hi Way


Tested on 1.20
2 speed wipers:
1) slow: (3 seconds delay)
2) normal speed (fast)

Author: KiLLer Modding


3 thoughts on “Faster Blinker Iveco Hi Way

  1. TheRustyRagdoll

    Hi man, can you tell me how to speed wipers up? And make different speeds? I really need it for my modded trucks.

    1. KiLLer Modding

      Hi man, just open this file with 7zip and you will see something like def/vehicle/truck/iveco.hiway/interior , and open that file, there you see “animations.sui” in that file is something like, blinker delay, and wipers delay. Good luck.

  2. can i use this mod at 1.30?

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