Faymonville Heavy Pack v 2.0

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This mod adding 20 cargo
10 Steering Axles
ETS2 1.27.x -DLc Scandinavia-DLC France ready
The trailer is standalone
The trailer not in traffic
Compatible with all trailer packs

Enjoy the mod!

* Respect the download link *



19 thoughts on “Faymonville Heavy Pack v 2.0

  1. never knew i needed all those wheels and all those steering axles till today

  2. very good nice mod… moder thx ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. trailer in the mod: fontaine ?

    nothing ’bout steerable wheels in the definitions

  4. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  5. still crash in combination with heavy cargo of roadhunter. I will use this mod when conflict will be cleared ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. for me it crashed when using the Trafo made by Fred_be
      changing the priority of these mods caused either one of them to crashed depending which was highest, this together with Roadhunters mods i have no issues, strange…

      1. I have Fred_be and Roadhunter, no Problems.
        With this Mod Game crashed. And the are Loads for a big Part in the DLC Heavy ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. then forward the time and go to pick a job and you get the crash. or just go to about/trailer browser and go through the list of trailers…



  7. Perfect work.
    But why not load them in traffic? Maybe it is very difficult to do that?

  8. The idea is great.

    But you need the texture better, the colors are leaving the mod with a drawing face.

  9. Fernando Cezar Silva

    I’m using your unmodified mod on map and with regular truck and it does not engage the trailer in any way

  10. dat_trailer_lol

    is that Faymonville or Goldhofer trailer?
    nah,don’t tell me,it looks like #### anyways
    also where are the credits for original cargoes on top of the trailer?

  11. Hei+I+have+a+problem+I+1.27x+the+trailer+wheel+does+not+tuning+way?

    1. Same problem here with ets2 1.27.1

  12. Game crash for me as well. Using Promods 2.16 and Promods company/trailer pack. Too bad because it’s quite a nice set of trailers.

  13. frere olivier

    comment faire tourner les roue de la remorque helpppppp

  14. Syahmi_Asyraff

    My game crash in ver 1.27.2. I’m using Jazzycat mods. Are these mod conflict this one?

  15. Bader_Indo

    bugs in the coupling trailers with DAF XF Euro 6 (6ร—4 Chasis)

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