FB7 1.43

-Two Chassis Are Available. (Normal-Flattened)
-There Are Three Engine Sounds.
-Slot Mirror Options Are Available.
-Slot Front Bumper Options Are Available.
-Slot Rear Bumper Options Are Available.
-Slot Glass Film Options Are Available.
-Slot Si Logo Options Are Available.
-Slot Spoilers Are Available.
-Slot Glass Windbreaker Is Available.
-Slot Buffer Light Is Available.
-Slot Antenna Available.
-Slot Side Detail Available.
-Slot Side Marshmallow Is Available.
-Slot Rocking Accessory Available.

Animations Found In The Vehicle;
– Contact Animation.
– Signal Lever Animation.
– Wiper Arm Animation.
– Quadrant Greeting Animation.
– Pedal Animation.
– Wiper Animation.
– Animation Of Warning Lights On The Display.
– Ornamental Animation.
– Quad Key Animation.
– Animated GPS (can be activated by pressing O Key.)



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