Featherstone Rovers paintjobs

I hope you like this mod if your featherstone Rovers support you will love it
please dont edit it or re upload if you do always put me in credits
thanks if you would like me to make you a skin please comment where you found this thanks
Featherstone rovers are Rugby League team from small town in West Yorkshire England called Featherstone



3 thoughts on “Featherstone Rovers paintjobs

  1. James Holt

    Can you make me a Swansea City FC skin for truck and trailer please?

    1. Bw ETS2 mods

      Hi James Yes when I get chance I will make you one cant say when it will be very busy with other things and do you want pics of the players on the trailer I will try make one for you and do want a mudflap with the Swansea City logo?
      I will try my best to do you one as I don’t really know much about Swansea city

  2. Billy ( BW ETS2 Mods)

    Hi James I have made you the truck and trailer and Mudflap skins I will be testing them tomorrow afternoon so as they been tested I will post them for you on I will post a comment on this mod telling you so download

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