Ferry connections for Sardinia Map v 0.9

This add-on for Sardinia map v0.9 adds the ferries
Olbia – Livorno
Olbia – Genova
Olbia – Marseille
Cagliari – Napoli
to the map.
Tested in 1.32.

Should work with other maps, but the sectors of Marseille, Livorno and Genova will be overwritten by this.

Give this file a higher priority than other maps (e. g. ProMods)!

SCS Software topic Sardinia map: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=260004

DO NOT REUPLOAD! Editing for personal usage is permitted.

SCS Software; Topolino


14 thoughts on “Ferry connections for Sardinia Map v 0.9

  1. Thank you very much.
    Very useful. *****Stars

  2. Fantastic…

  3. katie08cd

    ### davvero? lo provo subito

  4. Giuseppe Mattana

    Bellissima Idea W la Sardegna ….Ma la tua Mod provoca il Crash al gioco. Dovresti ricontrollarla…

    1. Could you show me your game.log file?

  5. Thanks, Topolino! Could you also add Olbia-Rome in the future?

    1. In Roma is no port/harbour so that would be a bit unrealistic.

      1. Civitavecchia is the closest port to Rome and has connections, in real life, with Olbia and Palermo. I think it would be a good addition to the map. If you look closely on the ETS2 map of Italy, next to Rome there is a port on which you can create the connection.

        1. Sorry, I can’t find any port in the game near Rome.

    Replace the older file by this.

  7. I tried it now:
    Sardinia map works with other map combinations with ProMods without ProMods Legacy Compatibility Fix. Thus, you do not need this fix if you at least load Sardinia prefabs file.

    Another thing: I discovered a fatal issue of the map: I confused the map sectors, so the map includes now the sector of south-east Bergen (sec-0003-0014).
    Which means that if you load it above ProMods/Scandinavia Mod or any other mods that edit this area, this happens:


    To avoid this issue, I strongly recommend every ProMods player to use this load order:

    – RusMap files
    – Sardinia Map Ferry & Prefabs
    – ProMods files
    – Sardinia Map Base

    RusMap is just an example here for any other map you are using. Of course, you don’t need the vegetation fix if you don’t use RusMap.

    The only disadvantage of the load order is that the game won’t display the Sardinian loading screens.

    We will also publish a fixed version 0.9.1 at the weekend!

    1. i have a problem with the LIVORNO Port a invisible wall block the entrance and the fix file doesn’t work
      Please can you udpate the mod?


  8. i have a problemwith an invisible wall at LIVORNO port and the fix file doesn’t work
    Please can you udpate the mod for sardinia map v0.9.1?

    1. This is the fixed version 0.9.1:

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