Ferry Harsh Russian Baikal R3


Ferry connection for Baikal R3 map.
Belogorsk and Ulan-Ude to Magadan, Yakutsk, Holmsk and Moskalvo.
A total of 5 ferries.

goba6372, SlavikSD


7 thoughts on “Ferry Harsh Russian Baikal R3

  1. Joe the gamer

    Does the map and this mod work on version 1.25.x?

    1. Mod is working on 1.25. Map needed little alteration.

      1. Joe the gamer

        Thanks for the information! 🙂

        1. Please)))

    1. Joe the gamer

      Thanks!!!! 🙂 I’ll try it!!!!!

  2. Joe the gamer

    I have some problems… every time i want to load my save it says “incompatible save game loaded” 🙁 Clean profile, no mods excepting the map and the fix… also, can you please tell me what loading priority am i supposed to have? Thanks a lot!

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