Ferry Romania – EAA

Ferry connection Romania Extended v1.5 – EAA v4.6.
New ferry:
Constanta – Rio Grande
Constanta – Salvador
Burgas – Paranagua
Real distances.

Arayas, EAA Team, SlavikSD


3 Responses to Ferry Romania – EAA

  1. Sir.Colloseus says:

    Hello, This FIX helps a lot in the game, but I would very much like the EAA Team to make a FIX for Turkey, the YKS Team EU map, so it would be better to have new ferry connections, thanks for the attention and I will be very attentive waiting for this FIX , Thank you.

  2. luki35 says:

    A czy dalo by rade zrobic polaczenie z Turcja

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