FFB plugin (G25, G27, DFGT) v2.4 – ATS compatible


Euro Truck Simulator 2 + American Truck Simulator: force feedback plugin (version 2.4) for Logitech steering wheel controllers with 900 degrees rotation range (G27, G25, Driving Force GT).

Completely replaces the feedback in the game:
1) Developed simulation of friction in the steering (since the steering wheel is rotated without resistance, and the standard damper force is too poorly simulates the force). Simulation of friction allows to resolve a wide “empty” Central zone in the feedback on the twin engine FFB controllers (G25/G27).
2) Due to the detection of “hidden” telemetry parameter (that returns the force on the suspension for each wheel – dev.truck.wheel.suspension.force), for calculation of stabilizing efforts used formulas from the theory of stabilization of the steered wheels of the vehicle. This required parameters of the suspension (caster, camber, inclination of the axis of rotation – can be found in the specifications of the trucks in this Assembly used the corners of the MB Actros MP3). About steering running shoulder – I can’t find this info in the specifications, i determined it by the method of looking at photos of the front hubs).
3) Self-stabilization if deformable rolling wheels is still approximately (from experimental data), will be further modified, if possible, the real physical model.

Read more in readme files inside the archive



29 thoughts on “FFB plugin (G25, G27, DFGT) v2.4 – ATS compatible

  1. Sibiryak54

    В игре настройки делать в точности как на скрине? и убирать галочку с обратной связи?

    1. If you don’t use this plugin before – look into readme file first.

  2. it works for Logitech g920?

    1. I don’t sure but you can try.

  3. how to install this??

    1. Look into readme inside the archive

  4. can you do this for g920 and g29

    1. Maybe it will work with G29/920. Maybe not. I donno, i don’t have G29 or G920 to test it, sorry )))

      But you can test it yourself and tell us. Some guys told that it works with G920.

  5. Is it compatible with logitech driving force pro?

    1. Да

    2. Yes

  6. great feeling in my steering wheel now 🙂 Thx mate. Only that led thing I don´t know how to use :/. Using g27

  7. I have a problem that i can’t solve. When i stop and start reversing or going forward my steering wheel goes all soft for a second…

  8. Ignore those messages.. My bad. I added .ini to other file name, because I thought it was missing it.. Reinstalled and now all works just fine.

  9. Bulent KAYABAS

    i look for plugin for Logitech G 29 Rpm-Led for ETS 2 and ATS

    1. I am also looking for him for a long time but so far unsuccessfully.

  10. При запуске игры вылетает ,пробовал переустанавливать игру ,не помогло . Пробовал подключать SDK позже через консоль ,так же вылетает при подключение. visual c++ установлен .

    1. Посмотри, какие другие контролеры подключены к компу? Геймпад какой нибудь. Отключи его. Посмотри в системе установленные виртуальные джойстики, типа VJoy. Удали их. Ну и VC++ redist должен стоять именно 2012, и лучше обе версии: x86, x64.

      1. Спасибо большое ,да ,действительно дело было в VJoy, отключил все заработало.

  11. Hi, I have a problem with FFB plugin. The game log writes: 00:00:04.949 : loading ‘Real_G27_ffb_x64’ ‘C:/Program Files (x86)/American Truck Simulator/bin/win_x64/plugins/Real_G27_ffb_x64.dll’
    00:00:06.732 : Unable to initialize the log file
    00:00:06.732 : ‘Real_G27_ffb_x64’ failed initialization with result 0xfffffff9.
    Please advise how to make it work.Sorry, I do not know English, the translation is through Google Translate

    1. set “full access” in security parameters of “plugins” folder.

  12. This is awesome but if you do one more led setting, like instant fuel consumption, it would be great. I supposed the setting 5 is it, and i comment atsmods.lt, but i noticed it says “average” consumption. But like i said, if you do this for instant consumption, that would be more awesome 🙂

  13. archive broken! 🙁 help 🙁

    1. yup me too archive broken

  14. Acarbalacar

    I have installed it exactly as mentioned in the readme, and the real_g27_ffb.txt file does get created. However, it still doesnt work, and I have disabled FFB ingame. Any ideas what is missing?

  15. Tells me the folder is invalid when I try to extract?

  16. i use steam how to instal it for steam users ?

  17. This is a piece of art
    modified steering force 60 — steering stift base 600 — steering workzone 1000.
    Thank you for your time in developing this

    1. (Using it in Dec. 2017 with ETS2 1.30

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