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ReisProject 1.5 | 02-02-2016
Changelog 1.4 > 1.5:
– Inclusion of Scandinavia DLC
– Lot of new and rebuilds
– Bug fixes
– Def Tuning
– New Textures
– etc.

II Prerequisists
– DLCs Going East+Scandinavia

III. Special Information
1. SCS free Hungary-DLC was not included due to many strange conflicts which occure with the city of Budapest – result: Deletion. Great.
2. The console gonna display some yellow lines. Don’t get irritated about that! Some road sections needed be enlarged to create a better road scenery and that’s the fact these lines are angry about.
3. Since I don’t know anything about working with Zmod, I was not able to convert some of the signs to the current PMG-/PMD format.
4. I hate those shimmering road blocks/dead ends – thats why you won’t find any of them in modified/new areas – so, have a look at the Map!
5. You are not able to change anything relating defs;models;textures etc. Keep in mind, that all your changes in this map will be overwritten by any upcoming update!
6. It’s strongly recommended to throttle down ETS2s genereal speed with the usage of the command: “warp 0.65” ETS2s speed is much to high, it feels like a racing game with a general speed of about 170kph
>>>Notice: Altough this mod took a lot of time for it’s creation, some unknown problems could be possible.

IV. Credits
– sign model by bora
– sign model2 by kamaz – converted by merlinita
– overlay definitions/flags by merlinita
– Elektronische Anzeigetafel by ? – converted by merlinita

DOWNLOAD 168 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 168 MB [Uploadfiles]

15 thoughts on “Reisproject Map v 1.5

  1. RagnarModding

    is it really the original reislord map?

    1. Mr.GermanTruck

      yes, look SCS Forum

  2. I play this map in GTS its really good map 🙂

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    *Testdrive complete A7 / Kassler Berge, Elbtunnel*
    HD Test Video…

  4. Is it compatible with other map mods, like rus map and pro mods?

  5. yeeeeeesssssssssss! my favourite map back!!!

  6. Werden Updater noch kommen für die karte??

  7. 00:04:09.346 : [unit] File ‘/def/city/aalborg.dlc_north.sii’, line 3:
    00:04:09.346 : Included at ‘/def/city.dlc_north.sii’, line 3:
    00:04:09.346 : [unit] The unit name ‘city.aalborg’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘city_data’).
    00:04:09.346 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/city.dlc_north.sii)

    00:04:09.524 : [unit] File ‘/def/company/bcp/out/forklifts.sii’, line 6:
    00:04:09.524 : Expecting end of file, found ‘}’
    00:04:09.524 : [unit] There were no units in the file ‘/def/company/bcp/out/forklifts.sii’.
    00:04:09.524 : load_unit_tree() – Failed to load unit tree from file (/def/company/bcp/out/forklifts.sii)
    00:04:09.527 : [unit] File ‘/def/company/euroacres/out/digger500.sii’, line 6:
    un vielles mehr error

    1. hallo. bitte einmal die company nachbearbeiten und die fler dater weitere fehler werde ich hir posten!

  8. misterbasi

    Obsolete flare data definition! Absolute model path is expected.

  9. misterbasi

    . Obsolete flare data definition! Absolute model path is expected.

  10. I think your mod disable damage in trucks, maybe for next version it should turn off, but nice mod, thanks.

  11. Guys don’t download this because if you hit something it doesn’t give u any damage so there’s something wrong in the coding

  12. how i can remove the flares? and comes a update to 1.23? thanks 😀

  13. TheDutchTruckNL

    does this works for 1.25?!

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