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FIAT FNM 210 By JBArtMods

* Chassis 4X2/6X4
* Support DLC Acessories
* 3 Engine options

1.23/1.24 Updates


If you upload in other site, keep original link’s! Please.


DOWNLOAD 262 MB [Mirror]

24 Responses to FIAT FNM 210

  1. Diablo says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  2. reinaldo says:

    I want to congratulate the work of Mod (FIAT 210 FENEME) because I had time I could not find that Brazilian truck in his time was a pioneer for that Brazil is what is now in northern connections to south and east to west, thank you for sharing a joy of driving “fiticiamente ‘Grandeur this …. Congratulations

    • Paulo says:

      It’s an Italian truck.

      • Saito says:

        No! The FNM 210 was a brazilian truck, with the bankruptcy of the FNM, it’s name and rights was sold to FIAT, but the original project was done in Brazil!

  3. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel


      Спасибо Вам за всегда качественные обзоры!!)

  4. AleRugg2 says:

    Very good mod!!
    Can you make also an Iveco Eurotech, please?

  5. Renato says:

    Valeu João Batista! Muito bom mesmo

  6. pepto says:

    qual a senha? quero mudar o som do fnm,skin e aumentar potencia do motor

    • CiceeX6 says:

      Não tem como, eles protegem exatamente para evitar edições! Pois muitos baixa, editam, re-upam e não dão os devidos créditos.

  7. pepto says:

    wich password

    • CiceeX6 says:

      What? No need passwords man! Just put file in mod folder and activate him in mod manager

  8. Doktor_Psix says:

    С звуком двигателя всё очень плохо,если бы не звук отличный мод был бы!

  9. Theosz says:

    it is really full compatible, despite tests, to v1.24 due Advanced Trailer Coupling, essential new feature on this new version?

  10. Albatros500z says:

    Hi this is a very good mod
    Can you make also an UNIC V8 T370
    See this link ,
    thank you very much

    • Saito says:

      UNIC, I never heard about this brand, it will be cool if someone do a mod of this truck to ETS2, but Jbartmods is a brazilian modder, and all the mods he did was brazilian trucks, althought some models being projected in Europe, all the trucks he did was common in Brazil, and I doubt that he’ll do a truck that isn’t present in Brazil! Sorry my bad English…

      • Renato says:

        ow Saito faz um novo pack de skins brasileiras p/ reboque, aquele q tu fez e postou ai uma vez ficou da hora!

  11. Rovis says:


  12. Rovis says:

    Ótimo caminhão, só um pouco baixo, parece que está andando de carro, se tivesse como subir uma pouco seria melhor…

  13. sarah1224 says:

    Can you make IVECO Turbostar 180-48 please?

  14. JonTheVGNerd says:


    -Nice truck with realistic engine sound and others
    -Good amount of accessories for the truck


    -Tends to be laggy when selecting the truck
    -Poor gas mileage, as it is not recommended to make long deliveries with the truck

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