Fiat Tipo / Egea V2 (1.40)

New Cross chassis (for sedan, hb, sw)
New facelift bumpers
New facelift headlights
New facelift taillights
New facelift rims
New facelift digital gauges
New facelift steering wheel
New colors
New plates
New sound for Abarth engine
New engine defs (MKCR)
UK left hand interior support
Fixed interior glass

huseyin besparmak


9 thoughts on “Fiat Tipo / Egea V2 (1.40)

  1. Benjamin Magro

    WOW, this car is amazing. So much detail has gone into it. I have never seen such detail in an ets2 car. The new facelift looks amazing with the new headlights and digital cockpit. Can you do the Seat Leon 2021?


    Top car, the best one of trzpro. Screenshots with the car:

  3. Opel İnsignia Gelirse Çok Güzel Olur Sabırsızlıkla Bekliyoruz.

    1. Enescan Senturk


  4. My version is The mod is fine but the car doesn’t move. I don’t why.

  5. 1.40.xx no sound!!!

  6. Great mod add hook on 0.35 Please

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