Fiat Tipo / Egea V2 (1.41)

Updated to 1.41

dj meto


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7 thoughts on “Fiat Tipo / Egea V2 (1.41)

  1. the mod is very nice,your hard work is evident.😁

  2. Hello
    – Brake lights are impossible to see in the daytime
    – When reaching speeds over 130 km/h, you cannot see the last number (so it looks like 13, 14, and so on)
    – UK license plates are wrong. You are using German font and not Uk font (called “Mandatory”). And also, there is no such thing as number “34” in UK, only numbers 02-21, 51-70

  3. KeremAltın

    Fiat Fiorino gelirse süper olur kolay gelsin…

  4. Andyromania

    Here’s a test drive:
    The mod is fine 😉

  5. Eski egeayi getirin lütfen

  6. 1.40 da çalışır mı ?

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