Fin Police and Ambulance AI Cars v 2.2.4


Here is police Car, ambulance, toll, border guard, railroad rescue, couple fire car and military police car from finland, olso new police car desing.

Tested 1.16 version



9 Responses to Fin Police and Ambulance AI Cars v 2.2.4

  1. V0RT3X says:

    Make a playable version :lick the screen:

  2. Alex says:


  3. erdal says:

    light reflected

  4. WileyLong says:

    whats the password

  5. mac says:

    voisittko tehdä liikenteeseen poliisiautoja, paloautoja ja ambulansseja versioon 1.19

  6. mac says:

    lisäys : siis joka euroopan maan väreissä

  7. Matthijs says:

    Yo guy,
    Wheels from Mercedes C klasse are missing,
    and can you please make some of those sprinters and mercedes c klasses with red and blue light?

  8. MgTy says:

    how i Edit The Textura on the Skoda

  9. MgTy says:

    how i edit the Textura of the skoda pliz

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