Fix for Scania 144L [ETS2 1.35.X]

Fix for Scania 144L by Satan19990 & Vovangt4 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 v.1.35.x

This fix adapts the truck to the game version 1.35,x.

You need the original mod for this fix work properly:

In order for it to work properly please place the mod just above the original mod of the truck.

This truck can be found at any Scania dealer

Available for some quick jobs



3 thoughts on “Fix for Scania 144L [ETS2 1.35.X]

  1. Despite the fix at 1:35, the Scania can not be found at the dealers. Have all mods taken from the modfolder. Also, since no find the 144l.Schade, I like to drive such old trucks.

    1. Hi Lutz:
      I think you may have a conflict with another mod Scania truck because I have tried it and YES the Scania 144L truck shows up at the Scania dealership. I advise you to deactivate all the truck mods you have and activate first the Scania 144L mod and then activate each mod you have to see which one is causing you conflict.

  2. I like truck

    You don’t have to fix this mod. Because we already have RJL’s Scania R4-Series mod. We don’t need this bad mod.

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