Fix for Truck DAF Crawler v 1.0

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Fix for the truck DAF Crawler on the game version 1.31.х
Put above the main mode



11 thoughts on “Fix for Truck DAF Crawler v 1.0

  1. At this sdonbass18 he is Max Yushchenko, Max, Stabon, Donbassic, Saturn and can even more nicknames, there is no concept in moddind, he even can not register a truck in a car dealership normally. He is ###### and earns money on file races for which inexperienced users are being conducted. Google translator, I hope you understand me, do not download the fashion on his links, do not help the scammer !!!

    1. +++ 🙂

    2. sdonbass18

      Do you have a problem, my friend?

  2. True and white words!

  3. GermanETS2Driver

    This is a bullshit Fix! Every People can do a Fix in 2 Minutes it isnt much work.

    1. In two minutes the model of the truck can not be fixed if there are serious mistakes that can only be corrected in ZModeler3 Version

  4. Siddhant Gupta

    will it work in 1.32 ?

  5. HI, please update it for 1.32.

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