Fix for Truck DAF Crawler v 1.0

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Fix for the truck DAF Crawler on the game version 1.31.х
Put above the main mode



11 Responses to Fix for Truck DAF Crawler v 1.0

  1. sdonbass18 says:

    Truck DAF Crawler here:

  2. ballu says:

    At this sdonbass18 he is Max Yushchenko, Max, Stabon, Donbassic, Saturn and can even more nicknames, there is no concept in moddind, he even can not register a truck in a car dealership normally. He is stupid and earns money on file races for which inexperienced users are being conducted. Google translator, I hope you understand me, do not download the fashion on his links, do not help the scammer !!!

  3. micsomac says:

    True and white words!

  4. GermanETS2Driver says:

    This is a bullshit Fix! Every People can do a Fix in 2 Minutes it isnt much work.

  5. Siddhant Gupta says:

    will it work in 1.32 ?

  6. Guest says:

    HI, please update it for 1.32.

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