Fix for Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 3.1 for patch 1.32.x beta

Temporary fix for Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v3.1 for patch 1.32.x beta – added cables simulation for AI trucks.

Fix must have higher priority than pack.

For ETS2 version 1.32.x beta only!!!


DOWNLOAD 31 MB [Modsbase]
DOWNLOAD 31 MB [Modsfire]

7 thoughts on “Fix for Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 3.1 for patch 1.32.x beta

  1. RudeTrucker

    Thank you!

  2. doexpectnothing

    Thank you, Jazzycat!

  3. The sites Modsbase and Modsfire are pointless. They take me through an endless cycle of virus alerts and various warnings without ever getting to the desired file. I avoid using them until I find the file on Sharemod.

    So, other than to mindlessly waste other people’s time, what is the point of these two links? Does the web master of this site encounter the same issue? If so, why post the links?

    1. I’ve no problems with modsbase. No virus or something else. Maybe problem in yours two left hands?

      1. Not sure what you mean “two left hands” but thanks for the reply.

        So I tried again. Click “download” for Modsbase on this page. I get a new window showing a download button for the file. Click download and a new window opens showing a site for women’s clothing. I close that window. I click download again. I get a new window to a #### site. I close that window. I click download again. This time it works. I got the file. That is a first time happening. Usually I just get new windows to other web sites that have nothing to do with ETS2.


  4. trucker123

    Modsbase gave me a file called Your File Is Ready To Download.exe.
    I assumed it’s a virus, so I deleted it and tried Modfire.
    Modfire gave me the file I needed instead of giving me a possible virus

    1. I have used Modfire a few times with no problems. Best to use an ad blocker just in case

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