Real Mercedes Benz MP4 Sound

• This mod is real Mercedes Benz MP4 Sound
For comparison, make a run on default and you will see the difference.
Place above the original mod in mod manager.
You can share this map but KEEP THE ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK!
If you have any ideas how to improve the mod, Report bugs in comments
It will be updating and correcting errors, Good route.

jhonny gut


3 thoughts on “Real Mercedes Benz MP4 Sound

  1. the picture is stolen!!!!! Mod is crab

  2. ALL his Pictures and Mods are stolen !!!
    He should be banned and his IP blacklisted !

    1. Klei_Mouka

      look even if they ip ban him or blacklist him he can use VPN and he can upload , they need to add somebody that will test the mods and search for the mods to see if they are stolen.

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