Fix interior view cabin MAN TGX Euro6 MADster

This mod is a fix of the interior view of the MAN TGX Euro6 by MADster for a much more real view

For ETS2 1.27.xx

– Put this mod on top of the mod man_tgx_euro6_byMADster_v1.9

See the screenshot to see the result and compare


Haweky Trucker


7 thoughts on “Fix interior view cabin MAN TGX Euro6 MADster

  1. Tremonia1974

    just why? Noone needs that!

    1. TheOldMan

      You don´t need this mod ok!!! but some people don´t like default position of the driver’s seat and need this mod

      1. Tremonia1974

        no? cause u set the position via F4 in the game lol

        1. TheOldMan

          If you like the mod you use it, but if you don’t like do not make derogatory comments

      2. You can alter the seating position quite easily. For any truck, I do not see the point in this mod. Also “Don’t reupload this” really now? How hard is it for one person to alter the seating position, not very.

        1. TheOldMan

          OK no problem, you are using the game controls to move the view of the driver, I am using this mod and I haven´t to use the controls to move the driver´s view, is much more comfortable at least for me this mod. What’s wrong with using this mod?

  2. TheOldMan

    The mod´s author isn´t forcing to anyone to use the mod, and he isn´t make money by hosting the mod because he doesn´t use Sharemods, UploadFiles or any other server that pays by downoads
    I think at least the author deserves respect

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