Fix MHAPro + Turkey Maps

Fix for MHAPro 1.28 + Turkey 1.28.
Attention! To remove your file YKS_Team_EU_Turkey_Map.scs. To connect a file with the same name from the archive.
The load order indicated on the picture.



7 Responses to Fix MHAPro + Turkey Maps

  1. Nightfiver says:

    hello will you make a good action for mha and the latest version of eldorado?

    • SlavikSD says:

  2. Sven says:

    but now missing on the MHAPro some cities, for example Gera, Zwickau and so on. Is that correct?

    • SlavikSD says:

      You have lost the map of the city?

      • Sven says:

        Jo … So Gera, Zwickau, Altenburg … are some cities gone. Is that related to the Turkey Map, or maybe it’s because I still have the RusMap?

      • Sven says:

        I have tried this again without the RusMap, it is clearly missing very many cities from the MHAPro … almost all the cities he has built on the east side, even those in Poland are gone. And especially the cities built in Germany are gone.

  3. Mikail says:

    Is there a chance that you make a fix of project balkans and turkey map? So that we drive in Promods, Rusmap, Project Balkans and Turkey map in one profile. It should not, but it would be nice, I think. but I do not think it would work for 1.28 in a short time, but 1.30 because the beta version is already out.

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