Fix ProMods + Eldorado + ferry

New fix for ProMods 2.20 + Eldorado 1.6.9
Load order:

Fix contains built-in ferry connections from Eldorado to:
– Tallinn
– Kirkenes
– Thurso
– Dublin

The archive has a fix for Eldorado + SFP (to connect higher than SFP)



12 thoughts on “Fix ProMods + Eldorado + ferry

  1. Nightfiver

    would it be possible to make a connection mha eldorado

    1. Try this fix:

      1. Nightfiver

        I have the mha version in 1.30 and eldorado 1.6.9, its risk of not working.

  2. I Download promod map
    but I don’t have def file
    Pleas Send Def file Here or my Email : [email protected]

    1. A def-file on the first page is generated. After selecting the language.

  3. Please make a fix for TSM

  4. blackdragon

    where is ferry connection? no connection in maps

    1. You use two files of Eldorado? See 2nd picture:
      1. Fix Mapa Eldorado Free
      2. Mapa Eldorado Free
      Without the fix, the ferries will not be!!!

      1. Hallo SlavikSD wann gibt es denn ein Fix für die TSM Map?

        1. Hi Franz. I did this fix:

  5. Nightfiver

    hello do you know where I can find the connection mha and eldorado pro ets2 1.30?

  6. Nightfiver

    will you go out a fixed for mha 1.30 and eldorado pro 1.6.9.?

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