Flares by rPedersen 1.2


Tested on on 1.12

Works fine with “HD Textures 1.11 by rPedersen V4”



11 Responses to Flares by rPedersen 1.2

  1. Knoks says:

    Thanks You rPedersen

  2. tadas says:

    Hi I’m not working: ((what works, list what mod you are wearing your Bright Lights AI Cars with or without their thanks for 🙂

  3. Baba says:

    Mipmapping is not supported for npot texture: ‘/model/flare/flare.dds’.

  4. Watermark says:

    dude, just stick to what you know and let others show us the light… 🙂

  5. adinhoa says:

    Does it works with TrueLightsAI ?
    Also yours falres v1 ?

  6. Baba says:

    okay guysz, once again

    old files without SCS support in new game version 1.12.x

  7. B says:

    and radiants?? have they got thear light back like this

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