[Flashing light update] [NEW] Special Vehicles Traffic v 1.0

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Hi, I present to you the first published version of my mod “Special Vehicles traffic”

He adds fire brigade and ambulances from random events to the road traffic.

This is a very early version (WIP) For now, vehicles appear without “blue lights”, because I can not do it (if someone can “mine” vehicles with blue lights flashing, I will be very grateful for help)

In the near future (if someone creates models with flashing lights) I will create new skins for vehicles, e.g. random Operating numbers, Military fire service, air fire brigade, etc.

Have fun testing, I am waiting for your suggestions and help ?

Cześć, przedstawiam wam pierwszą opublikowaną wersję mojego mod “Special Vehicles traffic”

Dodaje on do ruchu drogowego Straż pożarną oraz karetki z losowych zdarzeń.

Jest to bardzo wczesna wersja (WIP) Jak na razie pojazdy pojawiają się bez “niebieskich świateł”, ponieważ nie umiem tego zrobić (jeśli ktoś potrafi “wydobyć” pojazdy z mrygającymi niebieskimi światłami, będę bardzo wdzięczny za pomoc..

W najbliższym czasie (jeśli ktoś stworzy modele z flashing światłami) stworzę nowe skiny na pojazdy np. losowe Numery operacyjne, Wojskowa staż pożarna, lotnicza straż pożarna,,, itp.

Miłego testowania, czekam na wasze sugestie i pomoc ?

What new ? :

Flashing light has been added for all emergency vehicles, as well as repaired errors, changed frequency of occurrence, and vehicle speed.
Dodane zostały flashing light dla wszystkich pojazdów alarmowych, oraz naprawione błędy, zmieniona częstotliwość pojawiania się, oraz prędkość pojazdów.

A huge thank you to sunnoco for helping me set up flashing lights

You also wrote me this line.
“SECOND WAY, “hard way” it’s to change the lights type in blender (with blender tools) to all emergency vehicles; change also drivers types, customise your .dds with desire ones etc, and like this you’ll have new customise AI emergency vehicles in traffic, with your desire type, skin and drivers (policemans and firetruckers). This will envolve a “little” work and time then first method, but worth it the effort, believe me! ?”

I’m just learning a blender, could you write to me in detail, what should I do to turn on the lights in the blender and add more skins, how to export it and how to make sii files for tekiego eg Ambulance?

And unfortunately I have a problem with answering comments, could he write back to the scs software forum?
Thanks you for help!

SCS, Muszek


12 thoughts on “[Flashing light update] [NEW] Special Vehicles Traffic v 1.0

  1. SkupcioPL

    jeśli moge spytać jaki mod graficzny?

    1. Na pierwszych screenach jest włączony ten mod :

      ale też zdjęcia są podkręcone w Adobe Lightroom

  2. You’re very welcome Muszek. I’m glad I could helped you. Then, I’ll wrote to you on scs software forum man.
    Anyway, congratulations once again, Muszek. Don’t forget to add in your personal mod directory those motorcycles. 😉 Bye.

  3. This mod can work with jazzycat traffic pack?

    1. yep, work with all mods

  4. I added only flashing lights, no sirens.

  5. nikolai Scania

    THANKS MAN A LOT THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. FoxOnTheBox

    Looks great Muszek, I’m looking forward to trying it out tomorrow.

  7. Hi again Muszek. I answered you on how to fix this mod (because you have a little error in log file and that’s why a firetruck won’t appear in traffic). Read my tips on:
    Now, you’ll have also siren on ambulances and firetrucks. ;)… As I said, if I’ll have time in weekend I’ll make a video tutorial on how you can customise this scs default firetruck, with customise beacons, driver and passenger (firefighters).
    Then, if you’ll follow my future video tips, you’ll be able to make whatever mod you want, from scratch or from scs files. I’ll repeat: if you’ll modify ANY OTHER people mods, then, to avoid any copyright infringement, NEVER EVER share it! Just keep it ONLY for your personal use! ;)… Of course, as I said above, those that you’ll make from scratch or only SCS modify files, you can share it without any problem (because they allow us to do this). ;)…
    Once again, Muszek: I do mods ONLY for myself! So if you’ll have any question about how to make mods from scratch or from default SCS files, I’ll be glad to help you. Of course, if I’ll know the answer, because I’m a beginner too! :)…
    So, good luck, take care and don’t forget to drive safe especialy in real life! 😉

  8. The Powerenjes

    Work in any mods map and all dlc ?

  9. works on 1.30x?

    1. You must have 1.31 update.

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