Fliegl SDS350 Mega – Rework par obelihnio [1.40.x]

Reworked to a completely stand-alone mod. Trailer for low-deck trucks with SCS cargoes. Support all current game features.
This is a rework of a 2015 mod that was never updated beyond initial release to my knowledge.

– Updated for game version 1.40

Fully stand-alone
Trailer ownership support
Freight market support
SCS cargoes
63 skins included
High quality 3d model
Advanced coupling
Custom license plates & SCS license plates support
Liftable axle
High quality light-mask with lp illumination
Wheels included
Cable physics support
New lightning system support

Logfile clean!

Update 1.40 : YeLLoW

obelihnio, YeLLoW ( correction 1.40 )


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16 thoughts on “Fliegl SDS350 Mega – Rework par obelihnio [1.40.x]

  1. Nightfiver

    hello, will the trailer be updated on steam?

    1. I don’t know, i send a private message at the creator to send this update, i’m waiting his answer 😉

      1. I’m waiting for his response so I can send him the update

        1. Nightfiver

          Great mod

          1. it’s obelihnio’s work, not mine 😉

  2. Kierowca Ciężarówki

    Can you ask for the same skins on Renault T 2021 Evolution, the same skins to have a set on this truck, I am waiting for a copy to the author. Fashion beautiful mod Thanks?

  3. Sorry, what did you update?
    The files def. they are from V.1.37, from 1.38 they have changed.
    You just deleted the hookup files.

    1. Indeed, but I also corrected some errors in the definition files in order to have a mod with a clean logfile.

      Indeed it is not a monstrous job, but enough to fill the players.

      Afterwards if you are not happy, it’s the same, there will always be little haters to put their two cents.

      1. Thanks for the very witty reply. little haters to put their two cents will be you, (I’m sorry for you but I don’t have any kind of social network).
        Since you said you are waiting for an answer from Obelihnio did you reload the mod without her permission?
        Is the link the original one from Obelihnio?
        How many cents do you think you will earn?

        1. I’m not expecting anything from anyone, my goal is just to help people who don’t have the ability to fix mods themselves. Certainly this is not an official update I hear, but be aware that this mod has not been updated for a long time. Obelihno is not a registered trademark as far as I know? I’m a mod too, and I don’t really care if other people share my mods without “any” permission. You have to get out of the land of Care Bears a bit, it’s just a game not a firm. Therefore, out of respect for the author, I still sent him a message to warn him and possibly send him the corrected file. In addition, the mod’s scs forum link is stipulated. See You.

  4. In the first answer you started well and then you offended me, of course I had to reply now continue, what does Car Bears mean?
    I really appreciate that you try to help, I also do it in my possibilities.
    Question: wasn’t it better to just create your own update files (in the folder structure) and then replace them in the original mod?
    so you wouldn’t have a problem with people like me: little haters to put their two cents or Care Bears.
    Ti Saluto.

    1. Ciao Zoso Ti cercavo da molto tempo ti devo chiedere una cosa.Come posso contattarti?

  5. Ciaoo ,sono sempre quì anche se non carico + mod forse l’ultima che ho caricato è krone Ceroni , anche tu 6 sparito altrimenti ci saremmo sentiti.
    Non ho altri contatti, in alto a destra cerca krone ceroni ci sentiamo li, oggi pomeriggio se mi dai un’orario posso risponderti subito.
    Controllerò anche quì.

    1. Ciao Amico mio vero e da tanto che non carico + mod.Ho avuto un periodo nero.Adesso ho voglia di fare qualche skin pack di Trailer, e qui entri in gioco il tuo aiuto sempre se possibile.Ho alcuni Trailer che si trovano i rete benissimo ma pultroppo sono tutti solo acquistabili e non per il mercato libero che io vorrei usare.Tu per piacere sai convertire un trailer da solo acquistabile a mercato libero?.Se vuoi ti posso rimanere il mio numero di Tel. O Email qui per poterci sentire o qualche Social.Grazie mille Amico mio Ciao

      1. Ciao,Mi dispiace tanto ma non riesco ha convertire dei trailer,e già da un pezzo che che non perdo tempo dietro al gioco da quando hanno aggiunto 50mila DDS x creare una skin,poi con l’ultimo aggior..il mio PC non ce la fa ha girare e non penso di aquistare un nuovo PC.
        Purtroppo ultimamente li fanno solo di proprietà, io preferisco quelli visibili nel traffico,io uso: Krone_traffic_and_job_market (diMDModding)
        e Kriistof ADDON Pack Krone DLC V 2.5.1.
        Comunque mi trovi nel forum xchè ogni tanto bacchetto qualcuno.
        Fatti sentire.CiaoZ

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