Football Scania RJL Stickers V2


Three different side window stickers for scania RJL.
only 1.25
share only with original link and credits…
grtz ZT

zeeuwse_trucker and RJL


10 thoughts on “Football Scania RJL Stickers V2

  1. Awesome

  2. Best mod ever

  3. zeeuwsetrucker

    I did not re-upload this mod, so there is no version 2.
    This is a mistake by i think or someone else re-uploaded it.

    grtz zt

  4. sotobabik

    please make “INTERCOOLER”

    1. zeeuwsetrucker

      i believe abasstreppas has made already.

      1. sotobabik

        yap you’re right, but there’s no news about this, ;(( , since RJL update his truck

  5. sotobabik

    may i ask about, “4_s_interior_zeeuwse_trucker”,
    can you fixed this for Scania T 4 series,


    1. zeeuwsetrucker

      i only see the second picture, witch is the original interior.
      so what is on the first picture?

      1. zeeuwsetrucker

        aha, i got it….i used interior from R4, instead off T4, i never noticed that, shame on me.
        will look after that and try to put it in an update. thanks for report.

        grtz ZT

        1. sotobabik

          thanks a lot,

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