Ford 14000

Ford-14000-2 Ford-14000-1

Truck dealer: Renault
Version tested: 1.24

Author: Lucas silva


10 Responses to Ford 14000

  1. nuttywolf3 says:

    That sure looks like the GMC Topkick truck cab, not a Ford truck cab.

  2. Nerowskyymonster says:

    Test video plz

  3. BigTrucker uk#1 says:

    full test video on my channel:

  4. ETS2 MAN says:

    Has interior?

  5. Joe the gamer says:


  6. Raz0rMind says:


  7. D says:

    i like the idea, how ever i dont like the mod. I’d suggest a Dodge RAM or GMC crew cab with the fifth wheel. you would get more downloads. although, put some time into this Ford and it could be worth downloading but right now, I’m more surprised that you got feedback for it tbh.

  8. Cipinho says:

    Attention! this mod will replace half of the Renault fleet with 4 different versions of this truck and will keep some parts of the Renault too, as the Renault logo on the wheel. sorry but I had to delete this mod and keep the originals.

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